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Celtic Animal Zodiac

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The Celtic horoscope is closely connected with the animal kingdom, that is why another
name of it is the animal circle. The Celts believed that there are no boundaries between the
human and nature. Each season is connected with certain animals. There are 13 Zodiacs in
the Celtic Animal Horoscope. They are Deer or Stag, Cat, Snake or Adder, Fox, Bull or
Cow, Seahorse, Wren, Horse, Salmon or Fish, Swan, Butterfly, Wolf or Hound and Hawk
or Falcon.

Having a deeper insight into the symbolism of the Celtic Horoscope you will broaden your
understanding of your own personality and of people surrounding you, and of your
connection with the Universe.

Celtic astrology appeared much earlier than the Roman calendar or classical Greek
astrology. When you look at the symbols of the Celtic horoscope, you should remember
that the Celts were closely tied to nature and considered themselves as part of it. So, they
believed that the laws of nature govern people and animals.
Let’s study each Celtic Animal Sign a bit closer. Find your own according to the day you
were born and read its characteristic.

Deer/Stag (December, 24 – January, 20)

You have high ideals and intentions. Being a part of a team, you are an indispensable
helper, because you are hard to be baffled. In addition, you work carefully, patiently and
persistently. These traits of yours guarantee you big success. When others have already
given up, you continue pushing yourself forward. Belonging to the Deer Celtic Zodiac
you are very proud and not for nothing. You behave nobly and it makes all people treat
you as a king.

Cat (January, 21 – February, 17)

Cats are very clever, intellectual and quick witted. You have the sixth sense that helps you to look into
the core of the situation. You does not stick to the accepted rules and ideas, you are always in search of
new and fresh ones. You are a humanist, nevertheless, you may seem pretty indifferent. But in fact, you
are just watching from the sidelines. You are led only by good intentions. Another strong point of Cats
is their creativity. But this quality may easily transform into importunity. You need to be listened,
because you have a lot of projects and ideas, which should be shared with others.

Snake/Adder (February, 18 – March, 17)

You look quite indifferent, but you have a lot of energy and vitality. You are very curious
and always have plenty of questions about everything around you. Even if you do not ask
directly, you will try to find an answer in your head. Snakes are very sociable and can
convince their interlocutor of anything they like. If you are carried away by some idea, you
are able to involve your close people inspiring them with your enthusiasm. In addition, this
Celtic Animal Sign is very spontaneous and unpredictable.

Fox (March, 18 – April, 14)

You are very cunning and know how to win people’s heart using your sense of humor.
You have a quick wit, that is why you are full of bright ideas. Fox is that Animal Sign that
will keep you company in an exotic trip and turn it into a magnificent adventure. You have
a gentle heart, though you are trying not to show this side of your personality. Another your merits are boldness, indomitable spirit and devotion. It makes you a good friend, who
will never let your partner down.

Bull/Cow (April, 15 – May, 12)
The main words for your description are strong, loving, stable and reliable. You are often
asked for help. People consult you when they need to speak their mind and pour their heart
out. They appreciate your honest opinion and good advice, especially if it concerns
human relationships. You have a good intuition and, on the one hand, it helps you to
unmask liars and traitors, but, on the other hand, you are often treated as a very moody or
emotional person. You have a good taste as well. You prefer elegant clothing and exquisite
decoration. Moreover, you are very faithful and people can trust you even more than
themselves. You know how to keep secrets.

Seahorse (May, 13 – June, 9)

You are very resourceful and can easily adapt to any conditions. People would trust
you conducting their financial and juridical matters, because you are very smart.
You are a moody person, but always return to your usual habits. People of the
Seahorse Zodiac Sign are very attractive and they like to be admired. They always
return people’s feelings.

Wren (June, 10 – July, 7)

Wren is associated with fresh ideas and bright emotions. By nature you get used to take
care of other people. You always support and encourage your family and friends. You
never lose control over yourself, even during the hardest times. People like this quality of
yours, because your composure calms them whan they are stressed. Wrens are very
creative and inventory, they can keep cool head and keep on doing their job even being
under pressure. In addition, you always know what you want and can overcome any
difficulties on your own. In your life you are searching for balance and harmony, but it
does not mean that you lead a simple ordinary calm life. Usually you become leaders at
your job. Though, you would prefer to travel and wander.

Horse (July, 8 – August, 4)

You are very energetic, open and strong. You like competitiveness, that is why, you enjoy
competing with others. It is your inborn trait. If you belong to the Horse Animal Sign, you
have a lot of talents and much confidence, it gives you more chances to succeed in
business. Your inner “compass” helps you to make the right choice and work up the
necessary strategy. You are also very charming and flirty. You surely know how to behave
in public and show the best side of your personality. It helps you to be a good leader or
boss, who would love to help others (if only being adequately appreciated).

Salmon/Fish (August, 5 – September, 1)

You are a deep-water fish, who is in constant search for inspiration, bright impressions
and some outlooks. You are endowed with good intuition, but you do not use it. You
have your own unique world vision, that is why you often become the best painters or poets. But sometimes you go too far and people are not able to keep pace with you. So you use these moments to hide away and stay alone with yourself.

Swam (September, 2 – September, 29)

You are spiritually educated and prefer to be in a company of people who are on the same
level with you. A person of the Swam Zodiac has high standards, refined taste and the
sense of beauty. You are beautiful and noble, sometimes such behavior makes you look
out-of-body. But it is not so. Moreover, you are perfect partners for love relationship.
Because you pay special attention to details, you have a clear vision of what you look for
in the relationships.

Butterfly (September, 30 – October, 27)

You are the heart and soul of any company. Having a lot of friends and passing from one
friend to another, you are always in touch with people you love. Being so kind and
amiable, you like to dream, express new ideas and discuss far-reaching plans with all of
your friends. You can’t sit in the same place for a long time.
Butterflies are empaths by nature and never hurt anybody on purpose. You like when other
people are doing well and easily make friends. Having a Butterfly as a friend, one will
always remember that life is good, because Butterflies bring joy and happiness.

Wolf/Hound (October, 28 – November, 24)

You are purposeful and do our best to make sure that others got your idea. Being fearless
and brave, you rarely meet another person halfway and make a compromise. You are the
best partner everybody would like to fight alongside with. You never give up and can
hardly be satisfied with less than the best. Everybody around admires your inner
Your second name is honor. You have great will-power and sometimes you behave as a
lone wolf. But you would not be against uniting with people who share your values.

Hawk/Falcon (November, 25 – December, 23)

One can hardly find someone more focused than Falcon. When you see what you want,
you rush towards your prey. Your opinion is the ultimate truth for you and one has no
chances to change your way of thinking.
If something is outside your sphere of interest, you just leave this place. You are looking
for wisdom and once you find it, you will share it with others. You are also very
generous and could become philanthropists. You clearly know what your destination
is and your inner voice, which serves you as a compass, helps to move in the right

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