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The Sun in Cancer 2018: time to take one’s emotions under control

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The Sun is in Cancer from June 21 to July 23. What shall we expect from the most feminine and sentimental star sign this year? An accurate forecast is already here!

As usual, the beginning of Cancer season coincides with the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. This means that the Sun’s fiery energy is opposed to the water energy of the fourth Zodiac sign. Moreover, the Sun is associated with the masculine beginning whereas Cancer sign symbolizes the feminine one. This combination makes the period in question very controversial, full of emotions and irrational behavior. 

Cancer season is extremely favorable for all types of partnership. It’s the best time for love confessions, proposals and family vacations. On the other hand, people of all signs tend to be childish and capricious during this season, which may cause problems in any, even strong, relationships. 

Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon and since this celestial body changes every two and a half days Cancers’ mood also changes with the same frequency. From June 21 to July 23 other star signs will experience mood swings as well: one day you are optimistic and inspired, the other day you suddenly get irritated and down in the mouth. We advise you to remember one thing: whatever intense emotions you have, they will inevitably pass. Make any important decisions when you are cool-headed and reasonable. 

Lucky days are:
June 26, July 3-4, 7, 11, 14

Days when you should be more cautious and careful:
June 24-25, July 1-2, 9-10, 17-18, 20-21

And here is a portion of advice for every zodiac sign how to sail through the Cancer season 2018:

Cancer season is usually a hard period for Aries people. Try to allocate time to your family and relations: they really need your attention. 

The first two weeks will bring you immense luck – use it to establish new contacts and networks. Soon they will contribute to your prosperity. 

Your main concern will be finances and business. All your decisions should be rational and practically -oriented.

This is your season and you have the full potential to change your life. Choose a goal, make a strategy and take initiative right now!

The period is going to be a bit tough. Your constant desire to be in the limelight won’t be satisfied and this may throw you off the stride. Relax and go with the flow.

It’s time to see that your friends are your greatest asset. Their assistance and support will  make it possible to develop your brave ideas and plans. 

Focus on home and family matters. You’ll gain an insight into old conflicts and problems. Now it’s time to solve them peacefully and wisely. 

Your smart observations and forward-thinking approach will be noticed and appreciated by colleagues and close people. Use it to get closer to your goals. 

You’d better lie low and avoid any extreme emotions or situations. Spend time on thinking over your behavior and future plans. 

You may be too vulnerable during the Cancer season. Don’t take to heart what other people say. Avoid conflicts and risky undertakings. 

Frequent mood swings may lead to a nervous breakdown – keep emotions in check and pay attention to your health state.

The Cancer season will provide you with numerous opportunities in career and love life: jump at them, but don’t forget to ask your friends’ advice. 

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