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The Sun in Leo 2018: great opportunity to show yourself!

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The Sun have waited for a year to rest in its home – the constellation Leo. It’s time to leave a Cancer’s shelter and open your heart to new events and impressions. What should we pay attention to and what are we better to avoid during the current Leo season? Read professional astrologers’ advice in our article.

Leo is a simple guy: he chooses simply the best. Leo’s main life principle is the following - “To love means to create” and vice versa. When the Sun enters Leo on July 23, all the Zodiac signs get a  lucky opportunity to realize their bravest creative ambitions. This happens because Leo is a host of the Fifth House – a place of joy, fun, enthusiasm, absolute love, art and creativity. 

By the way, creativity doesn’t mean painting, acting or writing, it is actually in everything we do. Career, sports, work about the house, bringing up children, traveling, any kind of relationships and so on – this all can’t function well without a creative approach. 

The Sun in Leo patronizes active, energetic and motivated people: those who feel inspiration and inspire others. Such people will have an especially lucky month full of fresh ideas, exciting beginnings and happy encounters. If you want to make a name for yourself, now is the most appropriate time! Don’t be shy, go and tell people about who you are and what you are doing. If you do not do it yourself, who will?!

Though it may sound a bit egoistic, but this period you should become the center of your Universe. Focus on your personality and development. Forget such words as “modesty, decency, fault, drawback, cannot, must not”. Emphasize your uniqueness and originality both in appearance and behavior. 

The 11th of August 2018 is an important date within Leo season. On this day, a new moon will be accompanied by a moon eclipse in Leo. The astrological event will play an important role for those people whose Sun and other planets are in constellations of Aries, Sagittarius, Libra, Gemini and Leo. The changes which will take place will make a considerable impact upon the next 18 years.   

A now things astrologers advise you to do and to avoid in Leo season 2018:

The things you’d better not do while the Sun is in Leo:

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  • To by vehicles, kitchen devices and gadgets, especially smartphones. You will have to exchange them or repair.
  • To start attending driving courses if you don’t have a driving license: it’s better to put this off till Autumn.
  • To open new shops or firms, launch websites and start your own learning courses. Wait a month or two till the stars are more benevolent.
  • To buy or to sell your real estate, to trade stocks.
  • To spend all days at home or at the office without any physical activity.


The things you are highly advisable to do during the Sun’s transit in Leo:


  • To get rid of old and unnecessary things and ideas.
  • To analyze your inner self and past behavior.
  • To make new friends and contacts with interesting and motivated people.
  • To go out more often visiting cool places and events.
  • If you study something, to review the material you have already learned.
  • To use creative approach to the things you are doing at present.
  • To be brave to suggest brand-new and original ideas.

And finally, remember that it is still summer. Relax, breathe deeply, contemplate beautiful nature, lie in the sun, walk, swim and enjoy your summer life. Spend more time with dearest friends and family – the more love you give to others, the more inspiration and positive energy you get!