Aquarius | Horoscope Expert


Jan 20 – Feb 18

Today you might be asked to put your personal goals on the back burner in the interest of the group's welfare. Luckily, this won't be difficult for you. You see the bigger picture and can deal with delaying your own gratification for a little bit longer. This small sacrifice will go over well with the folks in power. Your team-mindedness will earn you lots of approving nods. You might even want to offer to give a little bit more, in order to get a little bit more praise.

You're easing into a new approach to your life. Monday and Tuesday, you're feeling a bit radical, a bit bohemian – or maybe you're just reading too many French novels. It's changing the way you dress though, no? And the way you interact with people? Your values? Wednesday and Thursday, your self-discovery takes on even more dimensions, and on Friday you are baffled not only by your own strangeness but by the strangeness of life itself. It's a wild week for you, internally. And then it becomes wild externally: An out-of-left-field love affair rocks your weekend.

Positive energy flows during the Mercury-Neptune conjunction on April 2, improving your psychic abilities and increasing intuition. It’s amazing what you pick up on now that you’re able to sense things more strongly.

Expansive Jupiter goes retrograde on the tenth, giving you time to contemplate your place in the world. Whether you believe in destiny or not, this is a good time to contemplate its role in your life.

Chatty Mercury enters confident Aries on April 16, making your conversations quick and to the point. Let other people use flowery words. Right now, your main objective is to get to the point so you can move on to other things.

The sun spends a month in sturdy Taurus starting on the twentieth, at which point you enter a responsible, dependable stage. This is when plants can take root, so get ready to throw down some solid long-term plans.

A restricting Saturn retrograde period starting on April 29 puts limits on what you’re able to accomplish, especially at work. Distractions like your phone and other electronics are the main culprits when you’re trying to focus.