Aquarius | Horoscope Expert


Jan 20 – Feb 18

Some big congratulations are in order today as you round third base and start heading for home—figuratively speaking, of course. Your hardest efforts are behind you and you should feel free to coast and relax for a while. Treat yourself to a gift. Today is not the time for evaluating what you did or how well you did it—today is for enjoying the plain and simple fact that it is over! Save the postmortem for another day when your emotions are a little less fragile.

Your social group could use a few new members, so be open to unfamiliar faces on Monday and Tuesday. The start of the week is a time of expansiveness. Wednesday and Thursday, however, restriction is the order of the day, and discipline is important. That's a better tactic than flailing all around. Friday has you exhausted – it's been a long, busy week – but Saturday is a bend in the river: suddenly you're among a singing, dancing crowd. You're not always in the mood for musical numbers, but you'll be charmed. Sunday is an energetic day as well.

You have lots of romantic and financial options when Venus trines your home planet of Uranus on February 2. It’s easy to get distracted with so many choices, but eventually one clear winner should emerge.

There’s a new moon in your experimental sign on the fourth, and it’s a great time to plant seeds that will grow in the years to come. Let go of the past and move toward the future, Aquarius. There are some amazing things to look forward to.

There could are some cool surprises in store during the sun-Uranus sextile on February 18, but don’t even try to guess what might happen next. The beauty of this transit is the element of surprise, so just let things unfold naturally.

The Mercury-Jupiter square on the twenty-second could land you in hot water with a boss, client, or co-worker because your tendency is to brag about yourself a little too much. Watch what you say. There’s nothing wrong with being confident, but maybe you should familiarize yourself with a little thing called being humble.

The moon in Sagittarius on February 26 and February 27 gives you a fun energy to end the month with, especially if you’re in love or want to make new friends. Life has fewer limits now, Enjoy new experiences.