Aquarius | Horoscope Expert


Jan 20 – Feb 18

You paid your dues yesterday – and the day before that, and probably the day before that, too. Your karmic account is now firmly in the black, so it's time for some well-earned fun. There's someone out there who's noticed what you've been through lately, and they're more than willing to offer up their services as a cruise director of sorts. Let them do their thing; go along on whatever adventure they've planned.

Buckle down and get focused! You need to show some discipline as the week begins if you don't want to spend all of Monday and Tuesday flailing around. On Wednesday and Thursday though, your concentration will make a comeback, and you'll have plenty of energy to focus on your goals. Start a revolution! (Or at least start a conversation – people will hang on your every word.) On Friday and Saturday, settle back down and set your mind on your finances. Now is a good time to reassess budgets and priorities. This Sunday, set your thoughts free and make a bold discovery.

A strong need to break free from authority accompanies the Mars retrograde-Uranus square on August 1, but it’s hard to find balance between following the rules and completely dancing to the beat of your own drum. Know what you can safely get away with and what you can’t. Protecting yourself from harm should come first.

A Venus-Saturn retrograde square could cause tension in relationships on the ninth, especially when you don’t seem to be your usual easygoing self. Do you have pressing deadlines or outstanding bills that need to be paid? Take care of responsibilities before agreeing to play or party.

A sun-Uranus trine on August 25 increases your sense of perception, and your intuition is also functioning at a high level. Maybe you’re not a mind reader, but your guesses about what’s about to happen are uncannily accurate. This is a great time to try something new because your confidence is high, so you have very few fails during this transit.

The month ends with a Mercury-Jupiter square on the twenty-eighth, which could make your focus jump around a bit. You’re optimistic that future projects will succeed, but you still need to commit to putting in the work to make that happen.