Aquarius | Horoscope Expert


Jan 20 – Feb 18

It's a great time to get unstuck, especially if you don't feel stuck. Dislodge some old notion about romance, forgive that one terrible ex or replace an old flame with a few hot new crushes.

Ooh – the excitement of someone special is thrilling on Monday and Tuesday, with some rather extraordinary stuff being a distinct possibility. Put yourself on the line when it comes to giving (and receiving) love, and the results may astound you. Get a little more grounded midweek; you'll want a solid basis for dealing with others, some of whom may be shifting now. But starting Friday, silver bells are ringing, and you're chiming in. All you have to do to spark a little romance is be chatty and bright – no problem!

You have no filters when communication guru Mercury and eccentric Uranus, your home planet, join forces on May 13. Your brain is your main erogenous zone, so verbal repartee has an electrifying effect, and the melding of minds can result in an open-minded, intensely passionate (if not entirely unique) experience.

When power player Mars storms into your unpredictable sign on the sixteenth, you become detached from relationship issues and more interested in taking an objective approach to solving them. It’s almost as if you’re looking at your love life from someone else’s perspective, which has both positive and negative results. Finding a way to free yourself from fault while still owning your mistakes seems like an impossible task, but if anyone can find a way to do it, you can.

Your charitable nature is highlighted during the Jupiter-Neptune trine on May 25, and you find it hard to ignore people in need. Feelings for someone can shift for the better when you work together to change the world, so it’s probable you’ll find your next true love at a charity event or humanitarian rally. Attached Aquarians find that working toward a common goal with their partner brings you closer together. Seeing this side of each other warms the heart.