Aquarius | Horoscope Expert


Jan 20 – Feb 18

You need to work as part of a group today. Shop with friends to pick up hotter clothes. Prowl around that dating site with colleagues to gain a new perspective. Go out on the town with your people and you feel bolder.

Use Monday and Tuesday to attend to some work or personal issues, and get some rest, too. You need it for what could very well be a crazy good time around Wednesday and Thursday. At this time, your sweetie is newly amazed by your brilliance and hotness, and if you don't have a love interest, you're attracting all kinds of attention (and probably candidates for the sweetie role, too). Then Saturday night kicks off more thrills, chills and who knows what else? Discoveries are ripe to be made from now through Sunday, whether they're about yourself, a certain someone or the nature of love itself.

Uranus, your power planet, is retrograde all month, and it’s in an interesting opposition with romantic Venus on December 1. This is a strong indication that change is in the air, Aquarius. Even when the new direction isn’t necessarily one you expected, you welcome the chance to evolve and experience new things.

Mercury in Scorpio goes direct on the sixth, which improves dating-related communication issues. If your favorite dating apps and sites have been down recently, expect them to be back up soon. Yay!

The moon travels through your sign from December 10 to December 12, giving you a couple more days to enjoy your uniqueness and individuality. Dating can be a competitive sport, and you have the advantage when you let your true colors show!

A sun-Uranus retrograde trine on the twentieth points out some things you may not have noticed before, but were you better off living in ignorant bliss? You might have no choice but to face the changes that are happening now whether you like them or not.

The sun enters rigid Capricorn on December 21, putting a slight crimp in your dating style. The Ram is a planner and you like to wing it, so your energies don’t always mix well. Being more responsible is an option you aren’t quite ready to embrace.