Aquarius | Horoscope Expert


Jan 20 – Feb 18

If you've got the urge to nest, shake it off and get out in the world for a while. Some intellectual stimulation other than Netflix is in order, and your love life stands to gain as well.

Look to expand your network as the week begins. Befriend some different people, online or off; find a club and go to a meeting; volunteer. Singletons find fresh possibilities, while the coupled up bring something new and interesting to their relationship. Love works in mysterious ways around Wednesday and Thursday, and trying to fight it or control it is pretty much futile. Watch and learn. This weekend, people are all ears when it comes to you – and very likely all eyes are on you too. You're just extra alluring, extra smart, extra hot – lucky you (and lucky them!).

The Gemini new moon offers you a lot of different romantic options on June 3. The Twins aren’t known for making up their mind and sticking with it, so the energy has you bouncing from person to person, weighing the pros and cons of their assets versus their negative traits. If you’re currently in love, try not to make any permanent judgments about your partner because your feelings might (and probably will) change tomorrow.

Communicative Mercury meets up with intuitive Cancer on the fourth, giving your feelings justification. When you’re just starting to talk with someone new, pay attention to their body language or the wording of their texts.

A Mercury-Neptune trine on June 16 heightens your attention to nonverbal cues and lets you pick up on what people are truly thinking. Reading between the lines is an impressive skill, and you’re good at it this month!

The thrilling Sagittarius full moon arrives on June 17, giving you reason to celebrate. You love doing new things, and this adventurous full moon encourages you to get out into the world and have some fun with the person of your choice. A trip could bring you closer to your partner or create an impromptu meeting that ends in romance. Be open to everything.