Aquarius | Horoscope Expert


Jan 20 – Feb 18

It's all about discoveries now. A little extra exploration makes a big difference in who you meet and in what you learn about them, as well as about yourself. Go on, ask that question that's on your mind.

The days you should really look forward to this week, romance-wise, are Thursday and Friday. (More on that.) Monday is fascinating on a philosophical level, but it's not really romantic, and Tuesday and Wednesday are reflective. Your thoughts drift naturally toward the past, not the future. Then, on Thursday and Friday, someone throws a switch somewhere and tons of new energy courses into your love life. This will take the form of what can only be described as a sizzling affair. Saturday and Sunday, revisit the memory of it while you're doing other things (chores, mostly).

The Venus-Saturn trine on September 1 reminds you that you need to be mentally stimulated by your romantic partner. If the person you’re currently with doesn’t have a lot to offer in this area, your eye could start to wander soon.

Mental quickness continues to be important during the Mercury-Saturn trine on the fifth, so your best matches are people who keep up with you intellectually. You also have some very interesting romantic ideas now, but it might not be the right time to put them into action. Stay alert. You’ll know when the time is right.

There’s some excellent chemistry between you and someone new during the sun-Pluto trine on September 13, so if you already have a long-term partner, this could be a problem. Single Aquarians have multiple options now as you exude sexual magnetism. Staying mysterious will keep someone extremely interested.

You take your usual logical, rational approach to love while Mercury is in balanced Libra starting on the fourteenth, but aren’t you just a little emotional inside, too? You might not want someone to know your true feelings, but contrary to what you might think, you aren’t hiding them very well!