Aquarius | Horoscope Expert


Jan 20 – Feb 18

You're flailing away at a problem and not getting anywhere with it. You might not be making any headway but at least you're burning off some of your anxious energy. Come up with a more disciplined approach once you calm down.

It's sometimes difficult to see change as it's occurring, even if it's occurring in plain sight. Be aware that the tides are turning on Monday and Tuesday, and be more perceptive than those around you. This will put you ahead of the game. A small discovery midweek is the key to something much bigger. Thursday, you bring what you've observed to a conversation with someone, and you notice, in the course of the chatting, a distinctly romantic subtext. Fascinating! Friday is defined by creative, unique interactions. Wear something eye-catching and be open to anything.

You do something big because you need to, and daring Leo Mars helps starting on July 1. The planet’s animated energy launches the beginning of another two-and-one-half-year cycle in your sign of partnerships of many forms.

The solar eclipse on the second is in Cancer and your sign of employers, employees, and service, with fortunate Venus entering the sign tomorrow. Being appreciated is important over the next six months and has lots to do with your attitude and productivity.

On July 7, Mercury’s retrograde begins to delay answers (though it’s a bonus if you need to postpone anything).

The week of the eighth has a theme of freedom. Prepare to be inspired. On July 11, Mars squares adventurous Uranus, your ruler, taking the theme over the top. Don’t be impulsive. Contemplate. The Capricorn lunar eclipse on the sixteenth echoes the above. What are you doing with your life, and how can you perfect it?

July 17 Is a lucky day to search for jobs and hold meetings.

On the twenty-ninth, the sun squares Uranus and events support big plans over the next four days.

The Leo new moon on the month’s last day accents doing what you love and the money will follow next month. The universe gives you lots to think about this summer.