Aquarius | Horoscope Expert


Jan 20 – Feb 18

Like on a roller coaster, when things feel like they've slowed down, it means you're gaining altitude. Get ready for the wildest ride of your life. If you thought you'd already survived it, think again.

A little discipline, as they say, goes a long way. This holds especially true for you on Monday and Tuesday. Every face around you has a question mark imprinted on it right now, and your best bet is to not think through anything too much. Answers simply aren't available. Stay on task and all will be clear sooner than you think – maybe as soon as Wednesday. By Thursday, people will be coming to you for everything, and you'll be in a position to dispense orders. After a tough week of work, let Friday be an unofficial day off. Let yourself be sidetracked by, well, whatever catches your fancy.

September’s changes in professional connections begin to have a pivotal influence on fate. Perspectives change. (Yes, they do! Yours, too.) As of September 5, Mercury communicates in practical Virgo over the next few weeks. Words should be clean and simple. Saturn’s direct turn the next day eases delays and restrictions.

On the seventh, the trine between Mercury and Uranus couldn’t be better when new information triggers exciting ideas. Brainstorm and note random thoughts.

Energetic Mars returns to your sign on September 10, while Venus opposes your ruler Uranus on Wednesday. Rebellion. Unusual stimulation and excitement. Feeling free.

Cue your dynamic energy on the eighteenth, when Aquarius Mars squares Uranus. The risk-taking stimulates Aquarius to challenge limitations through September 20, a lucky day. Search and send out resumes if job hunting. Schedule interviews and meetings (though watch that rebellion). Mercury entering Libra on the twenty-first pumps up charm and charisma through early October.

On September 24, the full Aries moon shines inner light and inspiration through dreams in your thinking and communication sector. Both are profound energies. Just in case you need it, the trine between the sun and Aquarius Mars on the twenty-seventh accents courage and decisiveness through the end of the month. Next month’s career focus is “back to the drawing board.”