Aquarius | Horoscope Expert


Jan 20 – Feb 18

Who knew that realizing a profit could be so darn exciting? You're much more willing to put in all the dull, sensible drudgery now that you finally see what it's all for. Enjoy the mental connections.

You're just plain tired on Monday: You didn't get as much sleep as you needed and you go into the office with those telltale eyelids. Coffee might help, stretching might help, but you won't really shake it until Tuesday. Tuesday and Wednesday are great days at work, 'humming to yourself while you walk out of the elevator' days, and colleagues will be inspired by your turns of phrase, your smiles, your ideas. On Thursday and Friday if someone disagrees strongly with you, turn your frustration into compassion; figure out where they're coming from. The weekend has an altruistic bent as well.

On August 2, money planet Venus squares unconventional Uranus to proclaim the month’s theme: Do what you love and the money will follow.

Three big cosmic changes happen on the eleventh. First, your ruler Uranus turns retrograde, easing tension if you’re vacillating between needing freedom and having to concentrate on security. Lucky Jupiter is now direct in your sign of goals and connections, and Mercury transits your partnership sign. Someone wants to talk again.

Schedule a meeting on August 13 or August 14, your lucky days. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting.

Things move more quickly between the fifteenth and twenty-eighth. The catalyst, the Aquarius full moon, is loving the freedom theme and contributing wild ideas to accomplish it.

In the midst of the above time, the August 16 square between Leo Mercury and Uranus tosses in tidbits of key information. Your decisions catch others’ notice in a good way.

On the seventeenth, Virgo Mars enters your shared resources sign (joined by Venus four days later). Partnerships are cool as long as visions are compatible with your own.

August 26 through August 29, the Virgo sun, Venus, and Mars trine Uranus. Conditions change, and they feel right.

On the thirtieth, the Virgo new moon begins a new cycle, yours to focus on next month.