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Jan 20 – Feb 18

Giving to someone in need is a private act of charity and it should stay that way. You don't need an audience to know whether or not you're giving as much as you can, and your recipient certainly doesn't want one, either. A tax receipt should be the last thing on your mind.

The sheer force of your energy wins people over to your side on Monday. You're definitely a leader, and others are more than willing to follow your lead. There's a good possibility of getting sidetracked on a project that represents a less than optimal use of your time on Tuesday and Wednesday. Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize – and don't hesitate to delegate, too. Work at home if possible at the end of the week; office politics and etiquette hamper your rampant creativity. This weekend, watch for a peculiarity in your industry that gives you a big idea.

This month proves the idea that new opportunities emerge when just one thing changes. December 2 is an auspicious time to reconsider possibilities when retrograde Mercury aspects retrograde Uranus. The rebound retrograde gone, you’re bouncing back when Mercury turns direct on the sixth. Okay, what did you decide? Launch the new idea at the Sagittarius new moon that day.

On December 7, Pisces Mars conjoining Neptune in your money sign suggests unusual sources of income that would be unwise investments now (learn more).

The eleventh is a lucky day to search and send out resumes if you are job hunting. Also schedule interviews and meetings under beneficial stars.

Take advantage of the unpredictable when the sun trines ruling planet Uranus on December 20. The latter is retrograde, so you can reverse a previous result, in case you hoped for a second chance. It proves everything evolves and changes with time.

On the twenty-eighth, fortunate Venus sextiles transformational Pluto, bringing collaborators together and ideas into reality. Time and change are your allies.

On the year’s last day, Aries Mars is ready for action in a transit of your communication sign. “I’m not ready,” you say? Yes, you are, with the planet as a power center. Prepare for beginnings next month.