Aquarius | Horoscope Expert


Jan 20 – Feb 18

This might seem like a typical day early on, but as each hour goes by, you could start to see more and more mysterious actions and events cropping up. Who are the perpetrators? What are they up to!? If you look beneath the surface, you will start to see a pattern and an agenda. This is something exciting, and you should not ignore it. Try to get involved in their shenanigans and you will have a lot of fun. They could use a bright, witty person like you!

Shrugging off your usual routine in an effort to hone your skillset and broaden your horizons could feel even more appealing than usual from September 22 to October 22 while the confident sun moves through your ninth house of higher education and adventure. Consider planning a short trip or downloading an app that will support your efforts to soak up knowledge. You’ll be rejuvenated by prioritizing your mental and spiritual growth. 

And between September 27 and October 13, communicator Mercury moves forward through your tenth house of career, offering you a free runway to pitch, propose, or brainstorm ideas that could help you advance your professional goals. Do your best to sign off on clear, long-term agreements during this period, which can preempt any misunderstandings in the coming weeks. 

As technology-driven Mercury teams up with mild-mannered Libra on September 5, you make an excellent online facilitator, counselor, or customer service representative. Fairness is your number one priority now, and you’re committed to making sure that all parties are satisfied.

A Venus-Uranus square on the fifteenth puts you in an awkward position when you’re the last to know some surprising or unexpected news about a financial situation or perhaps a current or past lover. Was someone afraid to tell you the truth, or was it an oversight? Finding out the facts is the first step in being able to process what’s happening.

Mercury enters mysterious Scorpio on September 27, at which point you’ll think playing hard to get or similar mind games is sexy or cute. And depending on who you play them with, they could be. You should have the ability to judge the reactions you’re getting and go from there.

Hardworking Saturn goes direct in goal-oriented Capricorn on the twenty-eighth, and this positive change of direction is just what you need to get going on an important project. You’re more than happy to follow the rules; in fact, you thrive under strict supervision now. You can do it yourself, but it’s important to you that you prove your worth to people higher up on the ladder of success. After all, they’re already where you aspire to be.