Aquarius | Horoscope Expert


Jan 20 – Feb 18

Intimidation is a powerful tool, but it can be fairly easily tamed — the key is familiarity. So if you feel that the people around you are pushing you in a certain direction or pressuring you to make a quick decision, start asking questions. Find out what is motivating them — the more you know about them, the less power they will have over you. Sweet conversations have the biggest potential to tip the balance of power in your direction.

Sometimes the most improbable experiments lead to the most extraordinary discoveries; the history of science has borne this out, but the principle applies equally to social experiments. Monday sees you trying new things in your relationships with other people. Tuesday and Wednesday, you are still trying to get a handle on what these people may want from you, but by Thursday your interactions are a lot more intuitive and comfortable. Friday is a fun, frivolous day, but Saturday and Sunday your head is swimming with deep thoughts.

There’s a Mercury-Uranus trine to take advantage of on January 4. When Mercury is involved with your home planet, your mind is open to all the possibilities the world has to offer. You can’t wait to take your next step!

Uranus goes direct in powerful Aries on the sixth, sending a shock to the system in the best way possible. If you’ve been resting on your past achievements and accomplishments, this is a reminder that you can do better. Be the change you talk about wanting to see in others, Aquarius.

A sun-Uranus square on January 18 requires a good bit of open-mindedness, but you have what it takes to see a totally unique vision and run with it. Will you run up against obstacles? Yes. But no one ever said trying to change the world would be easy.

A Mercury-Uranus square on the twenty-third echoes some of the same stressors, but this time it’s harder to get your point across. When communication seems to be a problem, stick to the basics. Taking a sarcastic tone in texts or DMs won’t translate well.

The month ends positively with a Mars-Jupiter trine on January 25, and any action you take now should be successful. Don’t worry so much about the outcome. Just getting started is enough.