Aquarius | Horoscope Expert


Jan 20 – Feb 18

Your latest urge to speed up your life might be a bit shortsighted. After all, there's some good stuff on the horizon, and you definitely don't want to miss it. Sure, there's going to be some not-so-good stuff, too, but it's all part of the experience of life. Embrace the balance and ride the tempo of your life the way it is—slow and purposeful. Learn to dance according to the music that's being played...your current groove is a good one.

Remember the 'Care Bears'? They lived on clouds, they each had their own specialty and they harnessed the group's power to do good things. That's what your group of friends is like on Monday and Tuesday. The start of the week is as expansive as a cloudscape. Wednesday and Thursday are, unfortunately, the opposite of expansive (restriction and discipline figure strongly, and you may not get the answers you're looking for). But Friday is just about perfect: you have energy, you feel inspired, you feel significant. This mood, gloriously enough, lasts through the weekend.

Money issues crop up when financially focused Venus enters your sign and squares your spontaneous home planet Uranus on March 1. When unexpected changes occur to your bank account or investments, stay calm. Moving too quickly only prolongs the problem.

And if that isn’t enough, Mercury heads retrograde on the fifth, messing up a lot of your plans. You’re pretty good at rolling with the punches, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t majorly disappointed with the problems this notorious aspect creates. Mercury heads direct on the twenty-eighth, so try to deal with things as best you can until then.

Luckily the sun squares lucky Jupiter on March 13, increasing your chances of success and giving you back some of the confidence you may have lost since the beginning of the month. You’ve still got it, Aquarius!

The ego-driven sun enters confident Aries on the twentieth, giving you the thumbs-up on personal and professional projects. You might not always win, but it won’t be because you didn’t try. There’s no quit in this Ram-driven energy!

A quirky Venus-Uranus sextile on March 27 ends the month on a fun, interesting note. Seek out newness. Go where there’s excitement. You can manifest the things you deserve most in life.