Aquarius | Horoscope Expert


Jan 20 – Feb 18

Unleash your inner activist – there are some things that need to change, and you are just the person to do the changing! This could apply to something as intimate as a family situation, as potentially volatile as a romantic arrangement, or as overwhelmingly challenging as a national political issue. The important thing in any context is to stay true to what you know is right, but be courageous enough to change your mind when presented with undeniable facts.

Expect your head to be filled with downright electrical ideas and inspiration as the week begins – and Monday should prove an excellent time to put some of these amazing discoveries into action. Your preoccupation with peculiar and intriguing ideas should continue through Wednesday, even if all you're really doing is keeping yourself from getting bored. On Thursday and Friday, watch for a little romance to keep things interesting, especially if it involves an intellectual connection that turns to flirtation. This weekend, tend to the details and stick to the routine.

You already have a very open mind, but it gets the chance to expand even wider this month, starting with the trine between Mercury and Uranus retrograde on September 7. There are many new possibilities, but you could have some difficulty deciphering what you should act on and what should remain just a thought. You’ll figure it out, but don’t make any quick movements for now.

Influential Mars enters your rebellious sign on the tenth, causing some erratic and unstable energy. You’re attracted to unconventional methods as always, but coloring outside the lines isn’t always acceptable. Knowing when to be quirky and when to just do it the regular way is the biggest challenge that you face right now.

The Mars-Uranus square on the eighteenth offers you another chance to break free from the restrictions you resent so much, but again, you have to know where the line is. Being creative and free-spirited goes over way better in some environments than it does in others. And you can definitely tell the difference.

The confident sun-Mars trine on September 27 helps end the month on an enthusiastic note, and starting new projects is encouraged. If you have a strong urge to turn left instead of right, go with it. The driving force inside of you is strong.