Aries | Horoscope Expert


Mar 21 – Apr 19

You are ready for serious bold action today! It's time to step up and make the grand gestures you know you can make. If you've been beating around the bush with someone you have growing feelings for, today is the day to confess your true feelings. It's now or never. If you have been contemplating a travel adventure, today is the day to book the tickets and commit to going. Time is slipping away; you need to act now to get what you want.

You move slowly through the obstacle course at the start of the week, gathering points as you go. Speed is not the issue, style is much more important. By Tuesday or Wednesday, your speed is going to pick up anyway. Communication also figures strongly: If someone is making eyes at you, don't be shy, engage and flirt, but nothing too heavy. Thursday and Friday find you in funny waters – you may get emotional about a family situation (family situations can be especially stressful) – but Saturday and Sunday are the kinds of days that remind you that it's fun to be alive.

The confusion caused by Mercury retrograde is unavoidable as it reverses into Scorpio on December 1, but you’re dedicated to getting to the bottom of things. You’re able to conquer the worst of what Mercury retrograde throws at you with your inner strength and determination.

The bright sun squares your power planet Mars on the second, putting your competitive drive to the test. You may appear irritable and impatient, but your strong reactions are symbolic of your commitment to winning. You welcome every challenge that comes your way.

You’re solely focused on your goals and accomplishments as the new moon enters ambitious Capricorn on December 8, but isn’t there more to life than getting the job done? If you don’t feel as motivated when you get up in the morning, look for other things that make you happy.

You get a welcome burst of energy from the Mars-Pluto sextile on the seventeenth, so you can get a lot of holiday shopping or decorating done. “Procrastination” isn’t in your vocabulary, so you’re able to finish the job quickly and efficiently.

The sun enters productive Capricorn on December 21, giving you a healthy respect for tangible goals. You love seeing the results of your hard work materialize. Congratulations on a job well done, Aries