Aries | Horoscope Expert


Mar 21 – Apr 19

You could feel the weight of the world bearing down today. But remember that you're surrounded by people who care about you, and they're happy to be there with support and assistance. Let go of some your troubles by calling up a close friend. They'll bring you the joy you need.

Think of Monday as your "everything must go" emotional fire sale. Lots of intense stuff is coming up, but you can deal with it handily and show it the door. You'll want plenty of room on the shelves for all the super stuff the stars are shipping straight to you from Tuesday through Thursday. Forget the hearts and love poems, this is about energy, friction, excitement, even sheer combustion! It's love that's exactly your shape and size, so stock up. The rest of the week is mundane by comparison, but do something sweet for someone and reap major love karma.

The full moon and lunar eclipse could interfere with your intention to just have a good time on July 4. You have more on your mind than having fun, and you might have a hard time dwelling on anything other than finishing what you’ve already started.

Wounded warrior Chiron goes retrograde while in your powerful sign on the eleventh, so you’ll have the chance to do some serious inner reflection about your love life. You aren’t always comfortable being alone with your thoughts, but the outcome of these intense sessions could be the breakthrough you really need.

An annual sun-Jupiter opposition on July 14 reminds you to take advantage of romantic opportunities as they come your way. If you’re always waiting until exactly the right time or exactly the right person, you’ll never find what you’re looking for. Take a chance on romance, Aries. You won’t be sorry!

When the sun enters Leo on the twenty-second, your love life is fiery and dramatic! This is a good time to let the world know how you feel about your current love or tell your secret crush of your feelings in front of a crowd! This energy is full of “express yourself on a billboard” kind of big love, so there’s no reason to hide how you feel.