Aries | Horoscope Expert


Mar 21 – Apr 19

Something new breathes fresh life into your romantic business. It could be as small as a new lip gloss or sunglasses, or maybe somewhat grander (designer shoes aren't so very terrible), but it gives you a new lease on love.

Be sure to keep your heart in the right place as the week begins – you might find yourself looking for what love can do for you, rather than thinking about how much of you can create. Wednesday and Thursday are future-oriented days, so consider some long-term romantic plans, career goals or life visions – dream it and start living it! Take it easy on Friday. A big date could go awry or a hookup you're looking for might not happen, so staying home is a better idea. Saturday night (and all day Sunday!) is much better for fun and flirtation, so schedule accordingly.

Mercury is retrograde as it reverses into intuitive Scorpio on December 1, so while your dating life gets thrown some curveballs, your instincts save you from striking out. Take advantage of the Scorpion’s watery energy to feel your way out of awkward dating situations.

The sun-Mars square on the second gives you the competitive edge, but is it possible you like the thrill of the chase better than the actual prize? Not everything has to be a contest, Aries.

Your romantic goals come into focus during the Capricorn moon from December 8 through December 10, making it a great time to think about not only what you want but also what you’ve already achieved. Maybe you’re not where you want to be now, but you have great potential.

An energetic Mars-Pluto sextile puts you in the mood on the seventeenth, but you’re missing a partner to have fun with. Find a way to transfer your passionate drive into a productive activity.

Looking back on your romantic conquests and accomplishments when the sun travels through ambitious Capricorn on December 21 gives you an idea of what can you achieve in the future. Keep doing what you’re doing, Aries. There’s solid evidence that your hard work will pay off!