Aries | Horoscope Expert


Mar 21 – Apr 19

Get out of work and go have fun! Today's activities might lead straight into the path of a new romantic prospect. Grab a few friends for lunch in the park or something even farther out there and smile at passersby.

The week gets started slowly, and you might even be feeling a bit shy – it's cute on you. But then the kind of energy you can use, romantically speaking, is flowing your way on Wednesday and Thursday – you're inspired to make some pretty sweet moves, and the object of your affection's inspired by you in return. As far as the weekend, your challenge in the love department is to get back to basics. What do you truly desire? How does it fit with your core values? By Sunday, a clear vision is all you need to move forward.

There’s enough fiery energy in the opposition between communicative Mercury in Leo and hardworking Saturn in experimental Aquarius on August 1 for you to use to your advantage, Aries. You aren’t one to hide things, and being direct and honest about your feelings will improve the communication between you and a current or potential partner.

There’s a new moon, also in dramatic Leo, on the eighth that encourages taking risks and acting spontaneously. Taking yourself too seriously isn’t advised now. If you can’t laugh at some of your romantic mishaps during this lunation, you’re going to be one unhappy Ram.

Romantic Venus ends her journey with logical Venus and partners with easygoing Libra starting on August 16, giving your love life more balance than it’s had in past weeks. Reaching a compromise is simple now. Giving up something you want so that someone you care about can have something they want seems like a no-brainer.

As the sun leaves fiery Leo for more centered and focused Virgo on the twenty-second, you welcome in a month of paying more attention to the little things. Details like punctuality really count when it comes to arriving for a date on time or driving your partner to an important appointment.