Aries | Horoscope Expert


Mar 21 – Apr 19

The next time you feel like your love life is like a moped speeding down the racetrack without a driver, slam on the brakes and take a moment to re-evaluate what means most to you and focus on that. Speed bumps are inevitable, but so is the finish line.

You're definitely off on the right foot when it comes to romance this week – in fact, on Monday and Tuesday, your love life can take a giant leap forward. Then around Wednesday and Thursday, it's less about leaping and more about measured, well-thought-out moving forward. No rushing into anything now, whether you're in a relationship or shopping around. By Friday and through most of the weekend, the key to matters of the heart is to step back from your own wishes and desires and work on your love karma. Give of your ample charm, whether to a certain someone or the world at large.

February has no retrogrades, so does that mean your love life will run a little more smoothly? Yes and no, Aries! A Mars-Pluto square on February 1 could be an indication of power struggles, but you’re more than capable of holding your own.

The fast pace of the Mercury-Mars sextile on the seventh could make you feel rushed, which isn’t a good thing when you’re trying to make decisions. You like moving fast, but only when it’s on your own terms.

Your home planet Mars moves into dependable Taurus on February 14, so your best Valentine’s Day gift to a current or potential partner is your ability to come through when they need you most. How do you do it? Whenever you’re needed, there you are.

The emotional moon spends time in passionate Scorpio on the twenty-third and twenty-fourth, so when you’re interested in someone, that person has your undivided attention. Is there such a thing as “too intense”? Yes.

February 27 brings a sun-Mars sextile to increase your confidence, not that you really need a lot of help in that area. You know you’re a catch, right? Anyone would be lucky to have you.