Aries | Horoscope Expert


Mar 21 – Apr 19

When it comes to romance, you want everything to happen instantly – but you don't need that pressure! Remind yourself that good things come to those who wait, so you can just slow down and enjoy the journey.

Making the first move is not a problem for you, and at the beginning of this week, you might even surprise yourself with your boldness in the love department. Look out for some spontaneous combustion! Work or money issues may be uppermost in your mind on Wednesday and Thursday, but that doesn't mean your charm factor isn't high. There may be a certain someone making the moves on you now. As far as romantic matters this weekend, say it in a short and sweet way or say it with flowers. If you keep things light, they'll go quite well.

There’s no hiding from love this month, Aries. When Uranus retrograde backs into your sign on November 6, make taking things slowly your goal. Trying to put a square peg into a round hole will never work, but right now you can’t see the impossibility of certain situations (even if everyone else can).

Venus retrograde trines powerful Mars on the ninth, and you could pursue new relationships that aren’t necessarily the healthiest. If you’re already committed to someone, you might temporarily bring out each other’s worst personality traits, so planning some time apart isn’t a bad idea.

Mars enters gentle Pisces on November 15, so you lose some of your trademark straightforwardness. There’s nothing wrong with toning it down, but try not to give out any mixed signals.

The sun enters worldly Sagittarius on the twenty-second, so you’re looking for romantic experiences that can expand your horizons. Attached Rams will enjoy seeing new parts of the world with their partner, and going back to visit special places like where you first met or had your first date can help make exciting new memories.

Single? You could meet the person of your dreams while out of town, but can you make a long-distance relationship work? It’s worth a shot.