Aries | Horoscope Expert


Mar 21 – Apr 19

Keeping to the grindstone is harder than ever before. You can do it, though, if you act as your own mentor, coach and cheerleader. You know what you have to do and it's more important than the family matters that are dominating your thoughts.

There are many ways to exert force. The subtle approach is the right one on Monday. Be steady. Be unflappable. Be tactful. Even as soon as Tuesday you will see the benefits of being patient. Wednesday and Thursday, communication is rapid. You won't excel naturally in the thinking-before-speaking department, so be careful. A hint: Sending a short and sweet response to an email is far better than no response at all. Friday is an emotional day – for reasons that have nothing to do with work – but it's also incredibly productive. Family, romance and food consume your weekend.

Learn to love networking. It’s a biz necessity this November. The month begins with retrograde Venus returning people to your life when you need them. Mercury is in fiery Sagittarius, stimulating expansive talk and thoughts.

On November 6, seven-year visitor Uranus returns to Aries, as if it’s easy to forget the unexpectedness of the energy! Make repairs, try again, and/or bail out of any trouble you got yourself into.

Synchronously, the next day, lucky Jupiter aspects Uranus, aiding and abetting the above. Also on that day, the new Scorpio moon in your shared resources sector accents teamwork. Little stands in your way in the 30 days after the phase. On the eighth, generous Jupiter begins an expansive one-year transit in Sagittarius. The possibilities are endless.

On November 16, Venus, almost as fortunate as Jupiter, keeps things nice by turning direct. Meanwhile, Mercury retrogrades to give you another nudge to connect.

The eighteenth is a lucky Sunday. If you’re job hunting, the timing is right to research types of innovative resumes. Luck in the design goes with you. It’s also a lucky day all day on Monday. You have added positives in interviews and meetings.

On November 26, retrograde Mercury squares sensitive Pisces Mars. Stay calm and cool and avoid arguments. Continue to expect the unexpected, courtesy of Uranus, next month.