Aries | Horoscope Expert


Mar 21 – Apr 19

You're cooking up something exciting. Whether it's a new financial plan or a gourmet meal, beans and rice isn't cutting it today. It's been a while, but once you get reacquainted with the kitchen, you'll get your old prowess back.

There are a lot of details you have to take care of on Monday, and you're not going to have as much time as you'd like. Still, don't rush. Get everything done right the first time and you'll be better off in the long run. Tuesday and Wednesday, your best strategy is, oddly enough, to spend all your time assisting someone else. It's important to solidify your key relationships at work this week, especially so that, come Thursday and Friday (they're not going to be easy days) you have a few people you can talk to. On Sunday, try to play as hard as you've been working.

If you haven’t already, begin the process of getting what you want instead of waiting for it to happen or hoping someone does it for you. Synchronously, July 5 is a lucky day to initiate action. And the next day is also a lucky day to search, send out resumes, and schedule interviews and meetings.

Mercury squaring Jupiter on the ninth makes you work harder but do so optimistically! Jupiter is generous. Helpful, kindhearted Virgo Venus begins a transit of your work sector that day, too, and a little cooperation goes a long way over the next few weeks.

On July 12, the Cancer solar eclipse aspects Pluto of innumerable transformations. Although tugging in opposing directions, it represents an “ah ha” moment illuminating a path to resolution. On July 16, Venus aspecting Mars accents shoulders to lean on, with Venus in your sector of co-workers and Mars in the sector of friends, hopes, and wishes.

The Mercury retrograde on the twenty-fifth says, “Before I go forward, I’ve got to go back” when the past influences the present. The planet is in your creativity and risk-taking sector. What did you turn away from but wish you hadn’t?

An opposition between the sun and ruling planet Mars increases vitality on July 26. And the Aquarius lunar eclipse the next day highlights your own wishes and desires.

Next month, what happened after July 12 reveals its importance.