Aries | Horoscope Expert


Mar 21 – Apr 19

The satisfaction of working in groups varies depending on what your role is. Sometimes you get the glory and sometimes you're relegated to support staff. But the result you're always looking for, it goes without saying, is money. The more you pitch in today – in any capacity – the more you'll go home with.

As the week begins, you're brimming with innovative ideas and firing off emails detailing them. Just be sure to reread each one to make sure your fresh brilliance is crystal clear. You may also be ready to move on purchasing some new business equipment – and the stars say go for it. Sometime Wednesday, your productivity may suffer because your mind is elsewhere. If your thoughts are occupied with family matters or you're feeling unusually emotional, own up to it and take a break. Then return to work at full power. This weekend, expect some creative inspiration to come from an unusual source.

It’s about your career and a passport to “Adventureland” this month, just in case you’re getting bored. On January 1, the sun conjoins serious Saturn, which doesn’t resound with a spirit of adventure, but the connection enhances ambition.

Brainstorm when innovative Mercury trines Aries Uranus on the third and you’ll be bound to think in a different way.

The earthy, turbocharged Capricorn solar eclipse symbolizes new seeds to plant on January 5. There are new ideas to create when solar energy amplifies insight.

On the seventh, Sagittarius Venus dedicates her benevolent self to making nice things happen over the next few weeks.

January 12 and January 13 are weekend lucky days. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. On Sunday, lucky Jupiter squares Neptune in a ten-day magical connection. A square is motivational. What do you want to do?

On the eighteenth, a Venus-Mars trine enriches your sensitivity toward people (cooperation), and organizing Mercury conjoins task-oriented Pluto in your career sign, creating the energy to get life in order as the year begins.

Assertive Mars trines lucky Jupiter on January 25. Simply said, get busy over the next four days. On the last day of the month, masterful Saturn sextiles intuitive Neptune, and strategy and instinct come into play, extending into next month.