Aries | Horoscope Expert


Mar 21 – Apr 19

There's no need to slow down just because you've crossed the finish line. There is always another one up ahead – and another and another and another. Look at the horizon line as you ultimate goal. Tell yourself you can get there, then do it.

You can say what you mean and mean what you say without coming on too strong. People respect you. It's not as if you have to assert yourself to be taken seriously, because you already are. But communication is a tricky thing. Tuesday and Wednesday, it's the most important thing. If you have to write a critical email, let a draft sit around a bit before you send it. You may even want to share it with someone else first. Thursday and Friday – and Saturday, for that matter – are very much wrapped up in family matters, so work will take the back burner. Don't forget about it entirely.

Productivity increases this month, improving your professional status. On September 1, meticulous thinking Virgo Mercury trines lightning-fast pondering Uranus. Take advantage of it and discover clear ways to overcome an impasse.

The sun, Mercury, and Mars activate your co-workers and routine sign between the second and third. Communication, criticism, and action attract challenges through Friday. Productive work (aka nose to grindstone) helps avoid confrontations, earning the rewards that follow on September 9 when energetic Mars trines Saturn, planet of management’s appreciation for excellence.

The keyword is “moderation” when Mars squares expansive Jupiter on the twelfth. The latter, though generous, promises too much undeliverable stuff over the next four days. September 15 is a lucky day under an Aries moon.

On the eighteenth, Saturn, your career director, starts to regain ground in direct motion with a stimulating assist from a Mars trine with powerful Pluto on Thursday.

On September 21, “tending to be inflated sometimes” Jupiter and impressionable Neptune square off. Look at details and the fine print very carefully over the next ten days (yes, really). It’s the last pairing, so no second chances.

Venus sextiles Jupiter under a Libra new moon on the twenty-eighth. Use the partnership-oriented influence to enhance pulling in and not pushing away helpful people. The deepening of partnerships is the glue that makes things work next month.