Aries | Horoscope Expert


Mar 21 – Apr 19

What you consider frank, others consider insulting. You're better off erring on the side of caution when having a delicate conversation today. The results are more than a matter of social standing; money is at stake.

You dive into work on Monday the way an Olympic swimmer dives into a pool. You're in it to win it. And you're very well aware – perhaps too aware – of what others think of you. Keep focused on the finish line and don't worry so much about your reputation. Tuesday and Wednesday your accomplishments are many and your supporters are vocal, but Thursday throws a wrench into things. Strange as it seems, you might be better sitting Thursday and Friday out. Let others make the decisions. Speak up in meetings only when you're asked. This weekend, devote time to a hobby.

Agreeing is the way to make progress in August when precious energy could be wasted in pointless battles. On August 2, nicey-nice Venus squares Uranus, helping by changing the battering ram into a gentle, lovable lamb, and some things are all better now thanks to the connection.

On the seventh, the sun trines benevolent Jupiter and leads you around things rather than pushing them out of the way. The trine between lucky Venus and Jupiter the next day doubles your success potential.

Jupiter turning direct on August 11 breathes life into creations old and new, and Leo Mercury helps sell ideas in your sign of creativity and risk taking.

The Aquarius moon on the fifteenth is a thinking moon that supports setting emotions aside and helps you center instead. Aquarius is about action, not reaction.

On August 17, Mars stimulates your competitive side now, but four days later, Venus makes you popular doing it.

The eighteenth is a lucky day. You are also lucky on Monday, when the energy is auspicious for interviews and meetings.

Mars trines Uranus on August 28 for fortunate unexpected events. The next day, Virgo Mercury sharpens your eye for detail.

The Virgo new moon on the thirtieth heralds next month's motivation. Productivity increases and, in turn, improves your career and social status.