Aries | Horoscope Expert


Mar 21 – Apr 19

Anytime you negotiate with another person, you should put yourself in that person's place to get a better understanding of what he or she expects and is willing to give. Today you'll be coming to an agreement with someone who can be unpredictable. So if you're not exactly sure how this person is feeling, do not guess. Delay final arrangements until you feel certain that what you're being told is accurate. If your collaborator balks at a postponement, you'll know the agreement is no good.

Your enthusiasm has an effect on the outside world on Monday and Tuesday. It's almost as if flowers lift higher out of the earth when you walk by. Midweek, walks are great, and in keeping with your mood, when progress is a concern but speed is not. Thursday and Friday are especially molasses-filled days, but, like molasses, they are not without a certain amount of sweetness. You will reap rewards for your perseverance. Saturday and Sunday, by comparison, are strapped-to-a-rocket speedy. Expect your hair to get wild.

What have you been avoiding? The new moon arrives in your sign on April 5, just in time to give you that boost of confidence to tackle a daring task. Expansive Jupiter goes retrograde on the tenth, asking you to look within for the answers you’re seeking. Getting philosophical brings up more question, but you like exploring now.

Rational Mercury enters your quick-thinking sign on April 16, so decisions will be quick and actions spontaneous. So what if you didn’t think before leaping? It’s nothing you haven’t done before.

Venus follows Mercury into your enthusiastic sign on the twentieth, so romance is direct and to the point. Why beat around the bush, anyway? You both know what’s up.

Brooding Pluto goes retrograde on April 24 for the next several months, asking you to think about your power and control issues. Are you a back-seat driver? Do you always have to be in charge of the remote? Let other people have a chance to be in the driver’s seat, Aries. What’s the worst that can happen?