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Mar 21 – Apr 19

You'll start this day with a lot of bright energy, but if you are looking for more, look no further than your closest friends. Get it touch and see what's going on with them. If the news is bad, volunteer to help sort things out. It will be a fun way to solve a real problem. If the news is good, you can have a blast kicking back and just enjoying the day as it unfolds. You are surrounded by good people with good energy, and so are your friends!

You might find it easier than usual to dive into a work project with your eye on the prize on July 6 when the emotional moon and taskmaster Saturn pair up in your tenth house of career. Your commitment is steadfast, and you’ll be willing to put your heart into the nitty-gritty details, as well as your nose to the grindstone to get it accomplished.

And the same day, the moon moves into your eleventh house of networking forming a harmonious trine to artistic Venus in your third house of communication, setting the stage for creative collaboration with colleagues or friends.

You can also look forward to July 11 when the emotional moon pairs up with go-getter Mars in your sign, encouraging you to take the initiative and pour your passion into personal goal-getting.

If you’ve got plans (virtual or otherwise) on July 4, the intense full moon and lunar eclipse in responsible Capricorn might dampen your celebration a bit. As much as you’d love to be living in the moment, your mind is on the future and all the accomplishments you have yet to achieve.

Wounded warrior Chiron goes retrograde while in your fiery sign on the eleventh, ushering in a time of deep awareness and self-contemplation. You aren’t one to sit alone and reflect on your feelings, but this energy guides you toward a higher consciousness that can lead to real healing if you let it.

A sun-Jupiter opposition on July 14 is an annual aspect that can lead to success and abundance if you take advantage of the right opportunities. Luck plays a large role in leading you to potentially beneficial prospects, but whether or not you use them once they’re presented to you is completely your decision.

The sun enters Leo, the sign it rules, on the twenty-second, brightening your world with passion, creativity, and drama. The coming weeks have a much more playful tone than that in the month the sun spent in sensitive Cancer, so enjoy the spontaneity that comes from this enthusiastic pairing.