Aries | Horoscope Expert


Mar 21 – Apr 19

A new person in your life is serving as a sort of beacon for you. Their visionary ideas and bold suggestions might not be your style, but there is wisdom in following their actions and doing as they do. It's not about mimicking or copying someone. It's about being smart enough to let someone else be the guinea pig when it comes to a new trend or taking a risk on a high-stakes gamble. This person is used to taking big chances while you're just getting started.

On Monday, you are a turtle entirely uncomfortable with the idea of sunlight, and Tuesday is a stay-inside-your-shell kind of day, too. It won't be until midweek that you'll be ready for the outside world, although then you'll be ready with a vengeance. Wednesday and Thursday see you marching boldly forward, introducing yourself to strangers, putting foreign foods into your gullet, and being generally pioneering. On Friday and Saturday you have to slow down a bit for career reasons (you can't come across as too hasty in that realm right now), but Sunday you'll stretch your legs again.

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