Aries | Horoscope Expert


Mar 21 – Apr 19

Sometimes, acting in a traditional way is not terribly rewarding. Doing something the same way over and over again, following the path of what has gone before, or doing whatever has always been done just because it's always been done that way can be a total drag. Luckily, you've got more than a few bright and fresh new ideas swimming around in your head, and today is a great time to try a few on for size. So step out of the status quo and move onto a new path.

Although it might run counter to your independent nature, you’ll be craving a sense of camaraderie around August 15 when the full moon lights up your eleventh house of networking. Work with your colleagues to get an ambitious project across the finish line or spend time with an organization or club you feel connected to. The experience can be emotionally gratifying and lead to a successful result.

And you’ll get a burst of confidence and energy to pursue ambitious fitness goals while go-getter Mars is in your sixth house of health from August 18 to October 3. Paying special attention to the details (like drinking enough water or balancing intense workouts with adequate rest) will be key in delivering the result you’ve been envisioning.

Your sometimes tactless manner subsides slightly now that communicative Mercury has just turned direct in soft-spoken Cancer. Your pace is far less rushed than usual as you focus on making loved ones feel comfortable, valued, and loved with your kind words.

Destiny is on your side as lucky Jupiter goes direct on August 11, so don’t dismiss the opportunities it presents. If you’ve been regretting something lately, this is your chance to take action and make things right.

Your home planet Mars enters structured Virgo on the eighteenth, so you’re ready, willing, and able to power through whatever’s on your plate. Keep your head down and your eyes on the results as you’re stuck working those long overtime hours.

Loving Venus also enters Virgo’s practical sign, on August 21, at which point love becomes more about practical gestures than it does about passion. As a fire sign, you can never put the fire out completely, but this earthy influence does a lot to calm things down romantically.

A progressive Mars-Uranus trine on the twenty-eighth encourages you to take risks, and you should be able to rely on your instincts when it comes to figuring out the boundaries. There are still rules you must follow like everyone else, but you have a way of cutting through red tape better than your competitors.