Aries | Horoscope Expert


Mar 21 – Apr 19

Seek out a disagreement today. It might sound crazy, but only friction with an intellectual equal will give you the burst of energy you need. Besides, you could use one more practice round at stating your case and pushing your side of an argument. The future holds some even bigger battles for you, so use today to get in fighting shape! You will be always be able to see the problem at hand, but you should develop more skill at doing something about them.

You could be reaching the end of the road on a group project around August 3 when the full moon falls in your eleventh house of networking. Although you often like to lead the charge, you could find that collaboration has actually proven hugely beneficial to your emotional well-being. This could lead to looking for more opportunities that help you feel like part of something bigger than yourself. 

And from August 4 to 19, communicator Mercury in your fifth house of romance can inspire you to be more self-expressive, especially around matters of the heart. You’ll want to share your most heartfelt emotions with someone special and take advantage of being in the moment. Think taking a spontaneous road trip, visiting a favorite park, or heading out on a drive without a game plan.

Can you feel the pull to be a little bit different during the Aquarius full moon on August 3? This eccentric energy urges you to pursue the unknown and not be afraid to be perceived as outside the norm. Yes, this attitude can cause others to stare and point, but when have you cared about what anyone else thinks?!

Messenger Mercury enters outgoing Leo on the fourth, and you’re comfortable surrounded by this intense, fiery energy. You talk a little louder and you’re slightly more animated than usual, but that’s only because you’re so intent on getting your point across. Your aggression takes a back seat to friendliness.

Your ruler Mars is at home in your sign as it squares expansive Jupiter in earthy Capricorn, also on August 4, bringing luck and courage that you’ll need to fight some unexpected battles. Everyone might think things come easily to you, but underneath it all you’re a warrior going hard for what you want.

The sun leaves fiery Leo for less-passionate Virgo on the twenty-second, and while you might miss some of the intensity, you’ll gain a valuable earthiness that you can apply to your everyday life. There is a lot to be said for calming down and getting into a set routine, Aries. Take care of some responsibilities now that you’ve been avoiding.