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Jun 21 – Jul 22

In your mind, secrets are good for only one thing: Uncovering. You enjoy uncovering them most especially if the truth you bring to the surface by that revelation brings about a big, positive change to the course of events currently unfolding – and if that course is currently taking a distinctly underhanded path. At the moment, that's what's going on, and whether or not you happen to be directly involved in the situation means absolutely nothing to you.

Someone wants you to shake hands on a deal on Monday, but you should keep your hands firmly in your pockets. No handshaking until you know for sure that this is what you want. Spend Tuesday and Wednesday doing something nurturing yourself (food, music, books, long walks) and weighing your options. Later in the week, if you don't want to go out and be social with a friend, just let them know. This weekend, keep it low key, but don't bore yourself. You'll get a lot more joy out of a smart, challenging movie than a weepy, predictable one.

If you’ve been having trouble making up your mind, the Venus-Saturn trine on April 7 should help you, especially when love is involved. “Should you or shouldn’t you?” is a question that’s been on your mind a lot lately, and you should know the answer by the time this aspect fades.

The sun shifts from aggressive Aries into more laid-back, conservative Taurus on the nineteenth, and you feel a bit more comfortable with the Bull’s security-conscious motives and objectives. Your family and friends are your motivating factors, and you get domestic reinforcement from the traditional-minded energy of Taurus.

You don’t see eye to eye with everyone, however, a fact that is brought out even more by the potentially destructive Mars-Pluto conjunction on April 26. You don’t have to like the people you work or live with, but you do have to find a way to get along. You don’t want to give up, but sometimes removing yourself from a toxic environment is the only way to solve a personnel problem.

The full moon in Scorpio is under another water sign’s influence on the twenty-ninth, so emotions run high. The end of the month can be a healing, transformative time, but only if you’re willing to admit that there’s a problem (to yourself if no one else).