Cancer | Horoscope Expert


Jun 21 – Jul 22

There is some unusual energy churning around deep inside your brain today, and it is going to help you come up with innovative ideas that are less understandable than usual. But the wonderful thing is that the crazier your ideas are, the better! The projects you're working on need just this type of out of the box thinking to jar the creativity of the people around you and get better ideas flowing. It's your irreverence that will help fuel progress right now, remember that!

On September 18, taskmaster Saturn ends its five-month retrograde and moves forward in your seventh house of partnership. In turn, you’ll do well to look back on any self-reflection you’ve had in the last few months about the boundaries in your relationships. Now, you’ll be able to apply what you’ve been thinking about to everyday life, while also putting your nose to the grindstone to get ahead on joint projects with your romantic partner or a business colleague.

And on September 19, go-getter Mars in your third house of communication forms a harmonious trine to transformative Pluto in your seventh house of partnership, making you feel like you can take on just about any uphill battle, especially when working alongside someone you trust.

Have you been thinking about committing to a long-term love or making a financial investment? The favorable Venus-Saturn trine on September 1 is a great day to do those things, especially if you’ve put in the work and know your options.

If you’re sick or tired (or both) during the sun-Neptune opposition on the tenth, you might be susceptible to people who try to take advantage of you or fool you in some way. You aren’t naïve, but you might be totally caught off guard when you aren’t feeling 100 percent.

Luckily, the full Pisces moon arrives on September 13, giving you compassion toward people who have wronged you. It isn’t healthy to carry around resentment or anger toward anyone, Cancer, so let it go. You’ll feel better the moment you choose to forgive, forget, and move on.

The world becomes a mirror in which you can see yourself reflected during the sun’s trip through Libra starting on the twenty-third, so do you like what you see? Your sense of fairness increases as you start to see things from a new perspective. Putting yourself in other people’s shoes is an eye-opening and enlightening experience.