Cancer | Horoscope Expert


Jun 21 – Jul 22

If you are working closely with someone else or are moving closer, emotionally, to a friend, be mindful that the two of you will not always be on the exact same wavelength. It's perfectly normal to be off track now and then. An event this afternoon, for example, might send each of you off into different directions, but don't worry—you will both eventually come back to seeing things the same way. You are likely to be more emotional, while they will be more aloof.

While the confident sun makes its way through your second house of income from July 22 to August 23, you’ll be primarily focused on stepping up your professional game and hitting financial goals. You’ll be especially motivated by the idea of bolstering security but also being able to afford specific material possessions or experiences (like a summer vacation) you’ve been dreaming about.

On July 23, the emotional moon in your tenth house of career forms a stressful angle to taskmaster Saturn in your seventh house of partnership, and you could feel overworked and, in turn, experience tension with a close colleague or your significant other. Doing your best to stick to the tasks at hand and avoid unproductive arguments can help you cope.

Seductress Venus enters your sign on July 3, bringing a softness and an emotional quality to your romantic encounters. You show your deep devotion openly and might show your cards a little too soon. Try holding back just a little.

The sun is also in your emotional sign when it opposes strict Saturn in Capricorn, the sign it rules, on the ninth. You might experience low energy as you’re caught in a power struggle between these two very different planetary bodies. Self-expression isn’t easy now.

A sun-Pluto opposition on July 14 also muddles certain issues and can cause jealousy and thoughts of revenge, mostly as a result of a misunderstanding. Talk to the people closest to you about how you’re feeling and take their advice. No one is out to get you.

A Mercury-Venus conjunction in your emotional sign on the twenty-fourth is a lot to handle, but you’ve got this, Cancer. Take a step back and observe things from a stranger’s point of view. Communication really is key.

The new Leo moon on July 31 lights a creative spark, and exciting new projects are the result. You’re so hopeful as you write your ever-expanding list of to-dos in your journal, and why shouldn’t you be? It’s a great time to be you!