Cancer | Horoscope Expert


Jun 21 – Jul 22

Get the feeling that your double is having a better life? Today take matters into your own hands and do everything you think your doppelganger would be doing.

Watch for a sudden flash of inspiration in the love department on Monday – and do something about it, right away, without overthinking it. Whatever the initial results are, you can finesse the outcome between Tuesday and Thursday, when you're a smooth, sexy communicator and most excellent at making connections. Reach out and touch a certain someone, both figuratively and literally! You may not be clicking as well this weekend, but remember that differences make for interesting conversation – and possibly some added heat.

Mercury retrograde comes crashing in on March 5, which is a very unwelcome disruption to your romantic communications. You work hard to project a dignified appearance, so typos in your flirty texts don’t make you happy. Pay extra attention to details until Mercury goes direct on March 28.

A promising Mars-Saturn trine on the fourteenth gives you reason to believe that a crush might be interested in you, which is something you’ve waited a long time for. Crabs in committed relationships should take advantage of your partner’s increased willingness to cooperate, especially on DIY projects.

A Mars-Pluto trine on March 20 helps you focus on your romantic goals, particularly if you want to solve a love-related mystery. When you put your full effort into it, you should get the answers you seek.

Beautiful Venus enters emotional Pisces on the twenty-sixth, creating lovely romantic energy. You’re attracted to creative, sensitive types now, and your perfect match is another water sign who feels things as deeply as you do.

Your ruler moon spends time in practical Capricorn from March 27 to March 29, which isn’t a comfortable fit. Because the moon is in a detrimental position in the Goat’s unemotional sign, this won’t be the best time to try to advance your love life in any way.