Cancer | Horoscope Expert


Jun 21 – Jul 22

Don't be surprised if you're forced to side against someone you love or care about. You must separate your personal connection and do what's right. Will you experience some discord? Probably. But over time, everything will calm down.

Your mind is electric with ideas on Monday and Tuesday. Enjoy the stimulation, but don't forget to take your time, to notice the tree branches against the sky and to consider the consequences of your actions. By midweek, you are cruising comfortably toward a very achievable goal, and people in other boats are waving. The sound of music hits your ears. You might begin to dance. Try to involve your special someone in your festivities – if they happen to be in another boat, paddle on over. This weekend, too, especially on Sunday, your intuition should be your guide.

Love means comfort and security as romantic Venus joins the sun in your nurturing sign starting on July 3. You have a hard time separating your thoughts from your emotions, which makes you feel up one minute and down the next. Your perfect match is someone who will put up with your roller-coaster moods.

Talkative Mercury also visits your sometimes-reserved sign on the nineteenth, which could cause you to be even quieter and more closed off than usual. You have to trust someone a whole lot to spill your emotions to them, and very few people make the cut.

Chatty Mercury and loving Venus meet up in your emotional sign on July 24, opening you up enough to see other people’s perspectives on your love life. Have you been making the right decisions and being fair? This is your chance to make amends.

The Leo new moon on the thirty-first gives you one last day this month to explore your options, but rejection is never far from your mind. If you’re already in a relationship, resist the urge to stroke your ego by testing the waters elsewhere. Single Crabs match best with complementary fire signs.