Cancer | Horoscope Expert


Jun 21 – Jul 22

What happens now is largely dependent on keeping your expectations flexible and your sense of adventure engaged. Be ready for anything and anyone—even just someone who can be a great new friend.

Your thinking about romance is uniquely your own early this week. You might have to take a while to get it across to the right person, but it will totally be worth it to do so. Try to make sure the details of your dates or activities are as clear as possible on Wednesday and Thursday, because any confusion could easily lead to recriminations and even big fights! Avoid them. Things clear up completely over the weekend, though, and you may even find that you get extraordinarily flattering new attention.

When abundant Jupiter moves into restrictive Capricorn on December 2, you might feel a significant shift in energy. If you’ve been feeling lucky in love lately, prepare to work a little harder. It’s not that you can’t make more of an effort, it’s that you’re not used to having to.

The full moon in flexible Gemini on the eleventh helps you vary your routine enough to have something exciting happen, but you still aren’t interested in going too far out of your comfort zone. Because your communication skills will be on point now, it’s a good time to flirt!

Loving Venus starts spending time with friendly Aquarius on December 20, so if you’re single, you might feel a platonic friendship turn into something more. Are you misreading things or is there a spark? Explore your newfound feelings. Attached Crabs should appreciate the concrete foundation you’ve built with your partner. Having a solid friendship to back up your romance is comforting.

A lucky sun-Jupiter conjunction on the twenty-seventh gives you a strong desire to end the month and year on a positive note. No matter what’s going on in your love life, you feel loved and blessed. Looking at the positive instead of the negative makes you hopeful about the future.