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Jun 21 – Jul 22

Attachments are favored today, and your innate knack for all things romantic is at its peak. Don't be bashful to make the first move – people crave attention, after all, and especially when it comes from you.

Shopping at the beginning of the week could find you contemplating an extravagant splurge, whether it's a gift for your sweetie or perhaps something extra hot to wear on the weekend. If you can afford it, why not? Your are worth it, after all. While you're taking care of some details on Wednesday and Thursday, you should also be aware that you've got a unique opportunity for some great romantic communication. Making or deepening a sweet connection is definitely in the stars. Watch out for stress this weekend; a partnership should be a source of support.

There’s a new moon in determined Taurus on May 15, which is somewhat of an emotional mismatch considering your ruling body’s sensitive nature versus the Bull’s stubborn and persistent ways. There is still the possibility of forward progress amid this clash of energy, but pursuing or maintaining a relationship during this transit will take more effort than usual.

When loving Venus spends time in your sensitive sign, starting on the nineteenth, your love life needs to provide security, protection, and consistent growth for you to be happy. You give your all in return, and you’ll put everything into making a relationship develop and thrive.

A full moon in friendly Sagittarius on May 29 makes you feel optimistic and upbeat. Despite what’s gone wrong regarding love in the past, you’re ready to give it another shot. You’re already feeling compassionate and generous, and right now you’re willing to offer your assistance to anyone who needs it. Is it possible to confuse your general happiness with feelings of love? Yes. But whenever you feel free enough to express what’s in your heart, aren’t you a winner whether you misread the situation or not?