Cancer | Horoscope Expert


Jun 21 – Jul 22

Things are not going smoothly when it comes to your dating life, and that's okay. Nothing in life is without a few bumps and obstacles, so why should love be any different? Take it in stride and know that even the bad stuff doesn't last forever.

If you're not feeling the smooth flow of energy in the love department as the week begins, do something to get it going. Random acts of sweetness get the good romantic karma on its way back to you. Continue this proactive approach around Thursday, but with a different slant: Take conscious steps toward maintaining balance. Family may be in the forefront, but that doesn't mean matters of the heart should be totally back-burnered. This weekend, a certain someone may not be responding very emotionally, but perhaps it's just their way – and maybe you're doing enough of that for the both of you.

You get a confident start to the month with the forward Aries new moon on April 5. Remember the thing you were afraid to do last week? Do it now. Rejection is the furthest thing from your mind!

Chatty Mercury enters powerful Aries on the sixteenth, so you may be a conversation hog when talking with a date or partner. They have an opinion, too, Cancer, so make sure you keep an open mind as you discuss a wide range of topics.

The moon is full in partner-focused Libra on April 19, so a lot of your energy might be spent improving a current relationship or finding a new one. Balance is the key to happiness now, so be willing to compromise whenever necessary.

The sun meets up with financial guru Taurus on the twentieth, making money an issue in a current or potential relationship (whether you want it to be or not). Is making more money than your date or partner an issue? Do you have the same long-term investing strategies? These are just some of the questions you might find yourself exploring.