Cancer | Horoscope Expert


Jun 21 – Jul 22

That intuition is accented by your personal energy today, and it should come in handy when dealing with your love life. Take a minute when meeting new folks to let it weigh in. It steers you right.

Whatever happens Monday, keep the future in mind. You never know what may happen between you and you-know-who. Particularly if you're still in the courtship stage, work to make a stunning impression. Tuesday and Wednesday, you can be a bit subtler in the messages you send – people will be catching on right away – but on Thursday and Friday, when you have to face a difficult problem, subtle is not the way to go. Be direct. Take action. Even after things get squared away, you might feel muddled, leaving you too emotional and indecisive to be much company on a date this weekend. Relax instead.

A fortunate trine between the sun and Jupiter retrograde gives you a lot to look forward to on July 5. Getting lucky in love translates directly into an opportunity for serious personal growth, which helps to improve your self-confidence and hopes for a positive romantic future.

A new moon and unique solar eclipse in your sensitive sign on the twelfth show it’s time for you to feel safe and secure, especially in your own home. If you have a partner who wants to go out all the time or a lover who doesn’t support your homebody tendencies, you might want to reevaluate your recent choices. You’re free to make changes to your life whenever and wherever you see fit.

The sun exits your peaceful sign in exchange for Leo’s boisterous house on July 22, making your world louder and much more colorful. You don’t necessarily want to be the lead in the resulting drama, but you wouldn’t mind playing a minor role. You can have a lot of fun, however, if you give in to the enthusiastic energy surrounding you.

A full moon lunar eclipse in unconventional Aquarius puts some interesting ideas into your head on the twenty-seventh, but you might not have the guts to act on them. Live a little, Cancer.