Cancer | Horoscope Expert


Jun 21 – Jul 22

Sometimes it's fine to be inverted. Self-reflection comes in handy when you want to better understand why your relationships aren't working. Assess your excess baggage. Let go of past betrayals and disappointments. Free yourself to start fresh with someone new.

A date isn't the right thing at the start of the week, so if you have something planned, find an excuse to reschedule. You want to be at your best. The more pressing issue is to sort out what's going on between you and a friend, or you and your boss, or you and whoever's making things tough. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the challenge is to be flexible and easy-going – even when you don't particularly feel like being flexible and easy-going. This weekend is another story: It's awesome. It has philosophical richness. It's a perfect time to explore new territory with someone.

You’re feeling a lot more comfortable with relationship-related conversations now that Mercury is direct in your sensitive sign. You have a lot of emotions you want to express, but don’t feel like you must get them all out at once. There’s plenty of time, Cancer.

It’s exciting to get good news about a romantic situation during the optimistic Venus-Jupiter trine on August 8, especially if you’ve been waiting to hear from someone you really like. Committed Crabs can look forward to a positive shift in their relationship stemming from a happy announcement.

Your ruler, the emotional moon, is full in the Water Bearer’s freedom-loving sign on the fifteenth, but you still won’t stray far from what’s comfortable. Always the nurturer, you might be willing to make minor changes here and there, but your overall view about love and the security it brings remains unchanged.

Your focus shifts to your financial situation when Venus enters strict Virgo on August 21, and you might not be as flexible when it comes to your spending habits. Attached Crabs should have “the talk” with their partner about sticking to a set budget now. Single Crabs, limit your date-related spending.