Cancer | Horoscope Expert


Jun 21 – Jul 22

If someone disagrees with you, don't take it personally. The louder you get, the less likely they are to take you seriously. Stay cool and you may find you've got a lot in common.

Dinner party, anyone? Don't wait for the weekend for a romantic meal – whether it's an intimate lunch or a cosmopolitan night on the town with the whole crowd, look for opportunities to eat and mingle on Monday and Tuesday. From the middle of the week on, you might feel a little overwhelmed by details and demands, but don't get upset, especially with someone close to you. You just need to break out of your shell – so stop kvetching and start getting things done. From Friday night through the weekend, you're on fire (in a good way!), full of energy and emotion. Your assertiveness is attractive.

There’s a new moon in organized Capricorn on January 5 that will help you get your love life in order, Cancer. You don’t always welcome this rigid energy, but you could use the nudge to get things going in a more responsible direction.

When lovely Venus spends time in flirty Sagittarius starting on the seventh, your love life gets a boost from the easygoing, friendly energy of the Archer. Is love easier now that your grip is looser? Maybe.

The Venus-Mars trine on January 18 improves imagination and creativity, but the details might get lost somewhere in the mix. Find a way to embrace your creative side without missing out on what’s truly important. There’s a chance to take things to the next level if you pay close attention.

Romance can get complex during the Mercury-Uranus square on the twenty-third, but why does everything always have to fit into a neat little box? Do you prefer the status quo? Usually, yes. Can you get used to approaching love in an untraditional way? Of course. Give it a try, Cancer!

The curious Scorpio moon on January 26 and January 27 prompts you to find more about a crush, but how far will you take things once you get more information? Things aren’t always as they appear.