Cancer | Horoscope Expert


Jun 21 – Jul 22

You're stuck in bargain basement land. If you make sure you can afford each purchase before taking out your wallet, you won't be buying much, even there. But you will be racking up budgetary karma. Keep up the good work.

Your communications are becoming more and more effective. A quick e-mail can solve almost anything. Keep alert to the small things on Monday. Don't let anything escape you. Tuesday and Wednesday you'll wish you could transfer your effectiveness at work to the home realm. Things will be rocky with a neighbor or roommate, and the solution won't be immediately apparent. Expect the end of the workweek to be a little emotionally chaotic. As well as confusing. Don't get involved with anything you're unsure of. And then this weekend, do something to relax.

The keyword for July is “consistency” - predictability you can count on that keeps you from worrying about what could go wrong. On July 5, the Cancer sun and Aries moon aspect fortunate Jupiter. The aspects expand horizons (this isn’t the time for self-limitation).

On the ninth, Venus in Virgo stimulates perfectly organized communication over the next few weeks. It will be easier to know what matters and what doesn’t.

Jupiter makes a direct turn in your risk-taking sector on July 10, and you’re more willing to gamble. Every Crab periodically loses its shell at great risk. It is a leap of faith made infinitely better on July 11, a lucky day.

The twelfth is a Cancer solar eclipse – an “ah ha” moment heralding ambition for change done with vision and form. The opposition between the sun and transformational Pluto highlights new beginnings that weren’t possible before. (Solar eclipses signal the end of one chapter and a new frontier, btw.)

On July 25, Mercury’s retrograde highlights negotiating with an eye toward going back to basics. Two days later, pay attention to events around the lunar eclipse in your shared resources sector. It enlightens what you want and what blocks you from getting it. You’ll discover that it has lots to do with next month’s theme of giving and receiving.