Cancer | Horoscope Expert


Jun 21 – Jul 22

It's as if you're speaking a language no one around you can understand. Everything you say is up for interpretation. You prefer things to be more exact, so skip giving any instructions having to do with your money until your communication skills return.

On Monday and Tuesday, be full of surprises. Leave small gifts for people on their desks. Sing funny love songs from the '80s in meetings. Maybe even take it upon yourself to provide lunch for everyone – a big bowl of spaghetti? The more you get others to laugh and think outside the box and blink their eyes in wonder, the better. Wednesday and Thursday, a lot of tasks need completing. Don't be overwhelmed. Continue to work on breaking out of your shell, at least until Friday, when stewardship of a complicated project (requiring a focused eye and attention to detail) lands in your lap.

Anticipate progress this month and through the remainder of the year. You unite support for dream projects.

Beginning July 1, Leo Mars animates your money sign. It’s a fiery, showy sign, but you may be more comfortable operating low profile and sidestepping in calculated steps. It works for you!

The second brings an auspicious Cancer solar eclipse that is also a lucky day to search and send out resumes, but it isn’t for interviews and meetings. A little heads-up - you begin a period of higher susceptibility to others’ influences over the next six months unless you declare some “me” time.

The next day, Cancer Venus is the natural ruler of money (’nuff said). Think about that during the July 8 sextile between Venus and eccentric Uranus when unexpected opportunities surface. They are possibilities if they feel right for you.

The Capricorn lunar eclipse on the sixteenth brings flashes of inspiration. An obstruction fades away, and don’t be surprised if the universe brings just the opposite of what you’re used to now. Cancer Venus aspects both beneficial Jupiter and business-oriented Saturn that day, and more financial luck comes with this one.

The Leo new moon on the month’s last day increases self-reliance in the 30 days following the phase. Direct Mercury sparks rewards in your money sign. Look forward to next month.