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Jun 21 – Jul 22

You're sick of sitting on the fence, and yet you just can't make up your mind. The sticking point isn't the money, either. The emotional intensity you feel has more to do with your heart than your wallet, and that just confuses the issue. Sigh.

Your mood swings on Monday and Tuesday are extreme. You're not going to feel much like venturing out of your office. But it's important to interact. It's especially important to interact when there's a difference of opinion, as there will be on Wednesday. Consider the value of the devil's-advocate argument, then figure out a way to get around it. When you work with this many variables and this many people, flexibility is essential. The pressure will lift on Friday and you'll be able to take a long lunch and let your mind wander all afternoon and into the weekend.

September is a competitive time, but it’s also quite productive just for that reason. September 4 is a lucky day to search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. Schedule interviews and meetings under lucky stars of prosperity the next day, when Mercury begins transiting while ruling your communication sector.

On the sixth, Capricorn Saturn turns direct in your partnership sector. It’s a little easier to resolve competitive conflict. You’re extremely motivated to move projects forward because you’re ready for them. The new Virgo moon on the ninth is the time to set intentions, and it’s an apropos time to begin something new.

Creative Scorpio Venus encourages you to either approach projects with passion or not at all. With Mars in your shared resources sector as of September 10 to early November, a little cooperation goes a long way. And on the twelfth, a fortunate sextile between lucky Jupiter and Pluto offers ten days of opportunities. You can’t ignore what’s going on, Pluto draws you to it.

On September 21, Mercury is extra persuasive in Libra. A productive Aries full moon three days later offers flashes of inspiration in your career sector. Next month, you expand your keen insight into problems and their solutions.