Cancer | Horoscope Expert


Jun 21 – Jul 22

As ready as you are to conquer the world, you have to iron out some issues around the house first. They may not be about fortunes won or lost, but they will make or break you just the same. You know which ones are pressing. You can't afford to put them off another day.

As clear as you're being on Monday and Tuesday, something is getting lost in the translation. Is it you? Is it them? Do they just not want to hear what you're saying? The week begins on a note of opposition; reversing that is the biggest challenge before you. Then on Wednesday address the particulars, especially those related to financial matters. Thursday is an exercise in being receptive to other people's ideas – or at least incorporating their ideas into yours – but by Friday you barely have to do any politicking at all; it's just a straight up great day. So is Saturday. Sunday is a blur.

Stride forward at top speed this month. On May 4, the new Taurus moon is in your sector of wishes and dreams. Reach for the stars in the 30 days following the phase. Obstacles are no match for your inner strength.

A morning lucky moon is auspicious for successful interviews and meetings on the eighth. Mercury conjoins Uranus and solutions come out of nowhere. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. And May 9 is also a lucky moon before lunch. A trine between Venus and Jupiter is another positive influence.

Two major changes on the fifteenth include Venus moving to Taurus, your sector of hopes and wishes, and Mars starting a transit in your sign, which happens once every two and one-half years. Get more in touch with the active, assertive planet while remaining in your comfort zone.

The full moon on May 18 is a beneficial source of illumination. Go ahead and take a creative risk!

The unexpected could occur when Mars sextiles Uranus on the twenty-second. A little inner rebellion is good for the soul over the next few days.

On May 30, Venus sextiles Neptune, and you see more possibilities to consider. And the trine between Venus and helpful Saturn the next day assists as you turn big plans into realities. And you continue the lucky roll next month.