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Jun 21 – Jul 22

It's a good day for daydreaming. Don't kick yourself for wasting precious time, because it's not a waste at all. The rewards will be obvious down the road. For now, enjoy indulging.

A sense of familiarity pervades Monday, a sense of 'haven't I been here before?' You have. You're in comfortable territory. No wonder you're moving through space and time with such assured grace. Tuesday and Wednesday see you loosening up, taking risks in meetings. That's great, as long as the details you're in charge of aren't being neglected. Thursday and Friday are so energetic and full of promise that you're positively beaming. Or is that a spotlight shining down on you? Anyway, you're bright and shiny.

September’s theme accents gentleness and persuasiveness, your way to renegotiate old agreements in the 30 days that follow the August 30 Virgo new moon.

From September 3 to September 6, you can easily reclaim something you see in a different light when the sun conjoins Mercury.

On the twelfth, you saw it, now talk about it when Virgo Mars squares lucky Jupiter. You can take the discussions to a whole new level.

The Pisces full moon on September 14 represents full power in your sign of expansion. Should problems or questions surface, the trine between Mars and Pluto on the nineteenth helps you with fixer-uppers over the next four days.

Sunday, September 22, is a lucky day to search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. Monday is also lucky for interviews and meetings. This month, with the advantageous communication theme, meet and seal deals, especially on lucky days when no easily turns to yes.

On the twenty-eighth, the Libra new moon accents approval and friendship in the 30 days after the phase. What better time to enhance a sense of balance than on Saturday’s sextile between Venus and “optimistic about the chances” Jupiter?

Next month, your inquiring mind wants to know the answers, and you get closer to those who possess them.