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Jun 21 – Jul 22

When it comes to protecting your territory or your place in it, drastic measures are all that will work. That means you get to expose your wild side for a change. Being tame just means letting someone walk all over you, and neither you nor your wallet can afford that right now.

Keeping your agenda modest at the beginning of the week means you can meet your goals – and then some. Take care of a number of smaller projects rather than tackling a longer-term one. Wednesday or Thursday could bring domestic issues to the forefront, and you'll definitely want to handle them promptly so they don't become a major distraction. An emotional response to a business issue on Friday or Saturday signals that you ought to proceed with caution – though you may want to keep your feelings to yourself. If you must work on Sunday, treat yourself to a relaxing dinner or massage.

It’s a benchmark time to focus on your path rather than on other people’s goals. On March 1, Aquarius Venus adds determination to your desires, so take advantage of it.

A Mercury retrograde from the fifth through the twenty-eighth is in Pisces, your sign of long-range planning. The placement offers the opportunity to turn the clock back to the time when you trusted your feelings. You have second chances now.

The new Pisces moon on March 6 acts as an incubator for ideas in the 30 days following the lunar phase. The accompanying conjunction between the sun and Neptune, planet of artistic ability, is simply a bonus.

On the fourteenth, Mars trines Capricorn Saturn to stimulate extra endurance for those willing to do the tough stuff (aka hard work) and that’s you.

March 15 and March 16 are lucky days. Search and send out resumes if exploring job opportunities. In this light, your responses should be the blueprint of your own making. What do you want to pursue?

On the thirtieth, Gemini Mars takes you to unexplored corners of the mind in a transit that happens once every two and one-half years. Bear in mind next month that intentions don’t translate into a final product. You have to get busy.