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Jun 21 – Jul 22

Your private problems are spilling over into your professional life, and that's hardly productive. Blocking things out is no longer an option. Take some time off and deal with them once and for all. In the long run, it will be worth the money lost today.

Be patient with yourself on Monday – if you rush this, it's not going to go right. Timing is everything, and Monday, your timing is off in just about every way. Others are bound to misinterpret almost anything you do. Tuesday and Wednesday the problem takes on a new dimension. When you try to connect with colleagues on an emotional level, things just get worse. It's almost like a sitcom about office life, but it isn't until Thursday or Friday that everyone is working from the same script. Spend Friday afternoon doing some time-consuming Internet research or taking a long walk.

The power of personal and financial self-confidence is August’s gift to you. The first of the month, the day after the July 31 Leo new moon in your money and resources sign, accents new opportunities in the 30 days that follow the phase. Remember, your talents are resources. Don’t keep them hidden.

On August 7, the Leo sun trines Sagittarius Jupiter, and on Thursday, Leo Venus trines Jupiter. Stimulating transits in your work sign mean you enjoy both comfort and cooperation.

The eleventh brings changes. First, Jupiter makes the above even better in direct motion, while Mercury is a cash magnet in your money sign. Uranus boosts your ability to bounce back during the retrograde in your goals and wishes sign.

On August 15, an Aquarius full moon brings amazing insights over the next two weeks. And two days later, get busy and get organized as Virgo Mars transits your communication sign. Coast on charm when Venus joins Mars on the twenty-first.

August 26 is a lucky day to search if job hunting and schedule interviews and meetings.

The Virgo new moon on the thirtieth accents communication, while Virgo Mercury helps you fine-tune your persuasive skills into next month.