Cancer | Horoscope Expert


Jun 21 – Jul 22

The real sticking point for you today will be understanding people, though you shouldn't have any problem enjoying them. You are in sync with everyone right now, which is creating harmony and a lot of fun. But a lot of what they are doing is confusing to you. Today, instead of trying to understand what motivates them, just observe and accept. They are finding their own way and learning from their mistakes. Step out of the picture and let things take their own course. Everyone will land on their feet.

On July 6, the emotional moon and taskmaster Saturn pair up in your seventh house of partnership, setting the stage for you to put in the work to make your one-on-one relationships thrive. If you need to have a difficult conversation with a close friend, colleague, or significant other, the energy of this moment sets the tone to step up and do it to the best of your ability.

Look forward to messenger Mercury ending its retrograde and moving forward in your sign on July 12, where it will remain until August 4, making it easier to share what’s on your mind and to articulate your personal goals. Having meditated on what you want to accomplish over the past three weeks, you could be in even better shape to lead the charge on long-term campaigns related to your work or make ambitious moves to make a long-held dream a reality.

A Capricorn full moon and lunar eclipse arrive on July 4, just in time to kill your festive vibe. It’s not that you can’t still have a good time, but the energy now is more about getting serious about the future.

Deep-feeling Chiron goes retrograde on the eleventh, encouraging you to reflect on the things you have lost. This can be a painful time, but this transit is the very definition of “no pain, no gain.” If you’re willing and ready to do the work, there are better things to come on the horizon.

Communicative Mercury goes direct in your gentle sign on July 12, and you can breathe a sigh of relief as you feel things starting to get back to normal. Did someone hurt your feelings in the past few weeks, or did you say something to offend anyone? This is a good time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh with regard to communication.

There’s a new moon in your sensitive sign on the twentieth, bringing up the desire to feel safe and protected. It’s time to evaluate what’s important to you and figure out how to let down your guard long enough so you can get it. If you’re having trust issues, it might be time to turn the spotlight on yourself.