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Jun 21 – Jul 22

There's a time to be on center stage, and then there's a time when you need to sit in the audience and experience someone else's time in the spotlight. Today, stay in the wings and let someone else bask in the glory of fame for a while. This might involve your singing the praises of coworkers, touting the skills of your favorite mechanic or even just recommending your favorite restaurant. Spread the praise around and enjoy watching the people who deserve a standing ovation get one.

Your brain is still in high gear as the week begins. Expect to have a quick wit and a sharp memory on Monday – but just be sure you think before you speak. That mental might should transform into irresistible charm on Monday night and continue on through Wednesday. Use that boost in charisma to socialize, especially in large groups. Others will look to you to take the lead. On Thursday and Friday, take a walk on the wild side. You need to challenge expectations and try something new. This weekend, you've got the energy and confidence to accomplish anything.

There’s a Mercury-Venus sextile on September 3 that starts your month on a fun and positive note. You’ve got oodles of charm, which comes in handy when asking people for favors. Never one to take something for nothing, though, you always offer whatever you can manage in return.

A Mars-Venus square on the eighth is a very sexual transit, but it can also highlight problems where there’s already tension. This is an active time (if you know what we mean!), but increased desire can lead to increased risks. Don’t forget about the consequences.

The new moon is in practical Virgo on September 9, limiting your indulgences. Virgo’s practical energy makes this a good time to evaluate your goals and reprioritize your to-do list if necessary. Wasting time is one of your worst pet peeves, so you’re only interested in doing what’s necessary to get the job done.

A sun-Mercury conjunction on the twentieth makes you curious about a lot of different things, and it’s the perfect time to do research and interviews. Spending your free time having long discussions about a variety of topics is your idea of a good time, and why wouldn’t it be? Your thought processes are crystal clear, and your communication skills are unmatched.