Cancer | Horoscope Expert


Jun 21 – Jul 22

Put some of your compassion to good use today – by turning it toward yourself. What you need is a good session of self-nurturing! Make some time to go off by yourself and indulge in doing something that isn't productive, isn't helpful to anyone else, and doesn't require another person to be fun. Whether you decide to take a long, hot bath or simply pop your favorite movie into the DVD player, enjoying alone time is one of the sweetest ways to spend part of your day.

All of your crazy ideas? Monday is the day to share them. Take a group to lunch or invite friends over for a dinner party and pretend that you are all famous writers and artists at the forefront of a new movement. Be an iconoclast. Your social life is a ship these days and somehow you've been voted captain. Surprise everyone with the energy you bring to the task. The week sees you being wilder than usual and not feeling encumbered by authority. As energy levels are high, so are emotions (remember this on Friday). Expect a bombastic weekend.

Feeling off lately? Mercury is retrograde again, but as it backs into emotional Scorpio on December 1, you’re intent on getting to the heart of the matter. Mercury luckily turns direct by the sixth, but some of the damage may have already been done. Your intuition is your best guide as you try to recover from the damage.

An idealistic Mars-Neptune conjunction on December 7 inspires you to pursue your hopes and dreams, and you need people surrounding you who support your vision. Naysayers and critics will try to impose their negativity, but your confidence can convert them to your way of thinking.

There’s excitement in the air during the sun-Uranus retrograde trine on the twentieth, especially if you’ve been on the path toward self-discovery and enlightenment. Keep doing what you’re doing, Cancer. Something’s working!

The moon enters balanced air sign Libra on December 28, which can be a highly productive time. Are you looking forward to the new year or are you dreading it? The steady Libra moon helps you weigh the pros and cons as you contemplate what might be next.