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Jun 21 – Jul 22

Are you sure that you're getting the sleep you need? It's important to stay in shape right now to make the most of this highly productive period. There is a lot of potential for you to earn a lot more money, but you're going to have to push yourself a little bit harder than you usually do to realize that goal. Debts aren't going to disappear unless you start working up a little bit of a sweat to make them go away.

The ship is rocking and heaving and throwing you all around. You're in no position to sit down and sign something – your signature would just slide off the page. This is what Monday and Tuesday are like. By Wednesday, the ship will have steadied a bit, but rather than be overly ambitious, you should invest your energy in yourself, do something self-nurturing. The idea of being social isn't very appealing on Thursday, and Friday and Saturday are stay-at-home days as well. In dealing with others on Sunday, be as flexible as possible.

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