Cancer | Horoscope Expert


Jun 21 – Jul 22

Today, if you get the feeling that something is being kept from you, you're right. Your usually strong intuition is stronger than ever now, and it's picking up on some seriously mysterious vibes. There is a secret being shared with everyone but you, it seems. But whatever's going on behind closed doors is only good news for you, so don't get too paranoid that things are going to change for the worse. On the contrary, things are about to get really good.

You’ll have extra planetary support for taking on all those major and minor tasks that you’ve been trying to squeeze into your day-to-day, week-to-week routine while information-gathering Mercury is in your sixth house of wellness from December 9 to 28. Whether that means finally signing up for that gym and getting your strength training or swimming in on a regular basis, or packing healthy meals to bring to the office, you’ll feel like you can tackle healthy changes with the wind in your sails.

And on December 13, go-getter Mars in your fifth house of romance forms a harmonious trine to dreamy Neptune in your ninth house of adventure, amplifying your appetite for unique, eye-opening, magical-feeling moments with your significant other or a special someone. Bonus: You’ll be extra alluring to others now, as well.

Lucky Jupiter begins its trip through ambitious Capricorn on December 2, which in all honesty can kind of put a damper on things. It’s not like you forgot about your responsibilities; you were just looking forward to a little break. Unfortunately, the only luck you can count on now is the kind you make yourself.

A Gemini full moon arrives on the eleventh, though, giving you some fresh, new ideas about how you can tackle some boring projects. It’s all about reciprocation. If your friends or co-workers help you now, offer to help them in the future.

Lovely Venus enters eccentric Aquarius on December 20, so your typically domestic outlook might get challenged by the Water Bearer’s less conventional approach. Can you learn something from being less traditional? Yes. Are you more comfortable staying in your own little shell, though? Definitely, yes!

A happy sun-Jupiter conjunction on the twenty-seventh helps you end the month and year on a lucky note. You have a strong desire to experience life to the fullest now, and very few obstacles stand in your way. You can tell you’re on the right path because people keep telling you that you’re glowing. Stay positive, Cancer. It’s all glitter and gold into the new year.