Cancer | Horoscope Expert


Jun 21 – Jul 22

Odd ideas are going to be popping into your head left and right today—and the crazier they are, the better! You've got to destroy all of your conventional wisdom about what will and won't work, in all parts of your life. Whether you're working on a romance, building a career network, or just tackling a particularly challenging project, you can reach your goal a lot faster by thinking outside the box. Doing what was done before is not going to work anymore.

Your creativity, imagination, and sensitivity are sure to be heightened on October 15 when communicator Mercury in your fifth house of romance forms a harmonizing trine to dreamy Neptune in your ninth house of adventure. You’ll want to break free of your usual routine and have an impromptu date night or other whimsical experience with your lover or closest friends. The more you can go with the flow, the more sparks will fly.

On October 20, the emotional moon in your sign squares off against go-getter Mars in your fourth house of home life, setting the stage for potential head-butting with family members. Although your initial instinct may be to try to keep the peace, contending with your emotions and expressing them as best you can in the moment can promote understanding and healing.

Far-reaching and intense Pluto going direct in Capricorn on October 3 is a sign for you to get your act together, Cancer. You can’t put off what you’ve been avoiding any longer. Have some serious talks with yourself to get in touch with what’s really going on in your mind and heart.

The Aries full moon on the thirteenth encourages bold, spontaneous action, and this isn’t the time to be shy. Have confidence that the moves you’re about to make are the right ones. You can deal with the consequences later.

You can identify with the emotional energy of the sun entering fellow water sign Scorpio on October 23, especially when it comes to getting in touch with your intuitive side. If you have a certain feeling about something or someone, go with it.

The sun-Uranus opposition on the twenty-eighth brings some unwanted stress in the form of change or unexpected events, but being nervous can lead to something good in the end. Although your initial thought is to fight against the current, giving in and going with the flow leads you places beyond your imagination.