Capricorn | Horoscope Expert


Dec 22 – Jan 19

Today is not a great day for major moves. Try to avoid signing any contracts, finalizing any commitments or even making any big purchases. Give it a few more days to settle, and you might find some problems with the deal—or better yet, you might find a better deal elsewhere. Patience pays off for you in more ways than one right now. There's no need to be too hasty, especially if someone is pressuring you to stop wasting their time—it's your time you should be most concerned about.

Your dreams are smarter than you may realize. If you're trying to solve a problem on Monday or Tuesday, consider what your own mind has been telling you. And whatever you do, don't stress. By Wednesday or Thursday, when positivity and good outcomes are strong themes, everything will have sorted itself out. Money is in the stars on Friday – either a lot of it or a lack of it – and Saturday has something to do with your future. On Sunday, your compassionate side emerges in an interaction with friends. You are only too glad to help.

Mercury goes retrograde on March 5, dishing out its usual helping of problems. You pride yourself on always finding a solution, but sometimes there just aren’t any when it comes to Mercury retrograde. So, what now? Try to sit tight (and bite your tongue) until Mercury heads direct on March 28.

The sun sextiles your power planet Saturn on the ninth, which should help you gain more control over your current situation. Whatever you’re going through, you have the tools to make improvements. Don’t lose confidence.

Mercury is still retrograde when it sextiles Saturn on March 20, so your judgment might not be as sharp as usual. Can’t put off making major decisions? Listen to other people’s opinions before you make your final choice.

Financially focused Venus enters creative Pisces on the twenty-sixth, which makes the end of the month a good time to pursue interesting ways to make money. You excel at anything you make with your hands.

The nurturing moon moves through your practical sign from March 27 through March 29, giving your actions a methodical energy. Do you care? Yes. But dishing out a lot of TLC? That’s not really your style.