Capricorn | Horoscope Expert


Dec 22 – Jan 19

Be available today. Even if your latest squeeze doesn't call, others will. Go with them. You'll meet at least on interesting person who'll lead you to an awesome opportunity, either romantic or work related.

You begin the week with a sense of security. You're sticking to your routine, wrapped in a comfortable cocoon of conservatism. It isn't until Wednesday that you're up for more creative pleasures. Remind yourself how much that special someone means to you – then tell that special someone how you feel as clearly and simply as possible. As the week comes to a close, you may have unexpected bouts of flightiness. On Sunday, keep your focus on the one who means the most to you.

Future love-related goals come into focus as your home planet Saturn spends all month retrograde in your hardworking sign. It isn’t time to act just yet, but having a plan in mind helps.

Loving Venus enters Cancer’s compassionate sign on July 3, which might make you feel gullible or taken advantage of at times. Loving someone doesn’t mean giving in to their every desire, Capricorn. And sacrificing your own wants and needs for someone else rarely works out.

A sun-Saturn opposition on the ninth could hold you back from showing off who you really are, especially if you’re feeling pressure to conform to someone else’s standards. If a family member or friend doesn’t approve of your current relationship or a potential romance, does it really matter?

The full moon in your sign on July 16 is also a partial lunar eclipse, so there are some things that haven’t yet been exposed. Are you okay with being kept in the dark? If not, it’s time to demand the answers you’re looking for.

A sun-Mercury conjunction in creative Cancer on July 21 improves communication, which in turn opens a new channel between you and a current or future lover. Your confidence covers up a lot of your insecurities now, allowing you to say what you really think (and feel).