Capricorn | Horoscope Expert


Dec 22 – Jan 19

Your idealistic notions of what true love really means could land you in a bad relationship. Ask people you respect for their definitions of love. Is it unconditional? Passionate? Devout? Full of affection and mutual respect? Be inspired to find your own special love.

Sure, it's important to uphold your romantic ideals, but it's also crucial to allow for a little wiggle room, particularly as this week begins. Cut someone (perhaps yourself?) some slack. From Wednesday through Friday, expect fun and you'll find it all around you. Keeping your eyes open means you won't miss a certain someone in a synching moment! This weekend, last-minute plans needn't be of the extravagant variety. Making them meaningful in other ways shows your real generosity – and what someone may really want is some of your sweet time.

Just because your home planet Saturn is retrograde during its square to Mercury on May 1 doesn’t mean it won’t be influential. Your brain is still capable of making romantic decisions even though they might be difficult. Work on communicating more effectively.

A new Taurus moon on the fourth puts your finances in the spotlight. If you share a bank account with a partner, this is a good time to go over your mutual goals and expectations. If you’re single, think about how much money you’ve been spending on pursuing romance. If a dating app isn’t paying off (literally), delete it.

The Venus-Uranus conjunction on May 18 helps you get out of your romantic routine, but because it’s in the steady sign of Taurus, changes are slow to happen. Don’t complain too much about a romantic situation taking forever to develop, though. Letting anticipation build is a huge turn-on.

Feeling in the dark lately? You should be able to start to put together the pieces of a romantic puzzle as the sun enters perceptive Gemini on the twenty-first. You’ll feel much better as the full picture begins to materialize.