Capricorn | Horoscope Expert


Dec 22 – Jan 19

Your habit of worrying can get in the way of love if you don't keep it in check today. An important part of romance is the willingness to take a risk. Remember — not everyone is out to break your heart!

Have some fun already! As the week begins, give that all-business outlook a rest and try indulging your playful side instead. You'll be surprised at how much creativity comes your way (and how attractive that can make you feel). From Wednesday through Friday afternoon, you'll need to eschew flighty conversations if you're hoping to avoid frustration. When in doubt, cut to the chase. From Friday night and on through the weekend, try to focus your energy on just one person (preferably, of course, someone cute).

You get a lot of credit for your past romantic actions when the sun forms a conjunction with your home planet Saturn on January 2. If you think an ex or current partner hasn’t noticed all your good deeds and amazing attributes, you’re wrong.

The combination of love goddess Venus in easygoing Sagittarius on the seventh opens your mind to new romantic possibilities, and your love life heats up from the fiery Archer’s enthusiasm. If you were hesitating about making a move, there’s no reason to wait any longer.

Keeping your mind off a stressful romantic situation might not be possible during the Mercury-Saturn conjunction in your sign on January 13, because you aren’t the type to just let bygones be bygones. If you’ve been wronged, you should try to make things right.

The full Leo moon/lunar eclipse on the twentieth gives you the chance to show off in the best possible way. If you know someone you’re interested in is watching, show off. If a current partner has the chance to see you do something they’ve never seen you do before, they’re almost guaranteed to like what they see!