Capricorn | Horoscope Expert


Dec 22 – Jan 19

You may be focused on work to the exclusion of much in the romance department. Put your powers of concentration where they need to be, and let love take care of itself for a bit.

Seeking only the perfect as the week begins could well cause you to miss something pretty darn good in the love department. Be open-hearted, and don't judge a person or situation by its cover. Wednesday and Thursday look lovely for you and your affairs of the heart. Send some messages, ask some questions – responses are overwhelmingly positive now. This weekend, problems with a plan can lead to an even better alternative. Don't be afraid to do something entirely different. Varying your approach or mixing up your style gets you noticed now too.

You get a chance to give your love life some breathing room during the Gemini new moon on June 3. The Twins have a carefree attitude toward love, so you aren’t in a hurry to put anything in writing. Attached Goats are somewhat less responsible now, which could worry your partner.

You might also show a lack of motivation during a lazy sun-Neptune square on the ninth, and your enthusiasm toward someone new wanes the more you get to know them. Are you at a stopping point or just taking a break? There’s no reason to make any major love-related decisions right now, Capricorn.

Your power planet Saturn is retrograde this month, and your frustration builds when someone tries to stand in your way during the Saturn-Mars opposition on June 14. When this person insists on interfering with some aspect of your love life, stand your ground.

A second opposition, this time between Mars and Pluto retrograde on the nineteenth, shifts the focus toward your internalized passionate desires. You know that almost-primal urge you get around someone with whom you have intense chemistry? As you fight against those drives, think carefully about what acting on them will mean for your romantic future.