Capricorn | Horoscope Expert


Dec 22 – Jan 19

Good results come to those who persist in finding true love. Your determination will pay off as long as you stay focused on your romantic goals. Don't let yourself get distracted by negative comments from the sidelines. Believe that Cupid is on your side.

This week you're turning heads left and right, but they aren't necessarily people checking you out. All eyes are on you because you're doing impressive things at work. You seem to have a better sense of the future than anyone. The reactions you're receiving from others are motivating, but in quiet moments you really wish you were elsewhere, in the arms of someone you love. What happens to you this week may have little to do with your love life, but that doesn't mean you aren't thinking about romance all the time. This weekend, you and a pal are going to bond over a love song on the radio.

It’s best to try to strike a balance around the time of the Venus-Uranus square on August 2. The stability of (both new and old) relationships is challenged now, so trying to do things too far out of the ordinary might yield unexpectedly poor results.

Communications expert Mercury finally leaves the emotional waters of Cancer for fiery-tempered Leo on the eleventh, so you’re much more focused on putting on a show than showing what you’re made of. Your flashy words might draw someone to you initially, but you’ll have to have the personality to back up those words eventually.

The combination of powerful Mars in practical Virgo starts on August 18, when physical passion could turn into a passion for truth and details. You’re still attracted to beautiful people, but you’re more interested in looking at love from a commonsense performance view now.

You get flashes of insight here and there during the sun-Uranus trine on the twenty-ninth, hopefully enough to lead you to an important revelation. If it’s been a while since you had an “aha” moment, you might not recognize it at first. This transit improves your sense of perception, though, so that you get it eventually.