Capricorn | Horoscope Expert


Dec 22 – Jan 19

Time is money and you're wasting yours. When it comes to thinking things through, you are way overboard. You reach clarity – again and again and again. In fact, you're just muddying the waters by rehashing things again and again. Discard the extra thinking by acknowledging it for what it is: Simply another delaying tactic.

Get a coworker's back at the beginning of the week. They could use your support, expertise or protection, and it's good for your business karma to lend it now. On Wednesday and Thursday, your management skills are at their best; offering to head up a new project gives you the opportunity to strut your stuff. If you've got your eye on a promotion, work toward it consciously now. Expect an insight about your industry or career path this weekend, perhaps related to how to deal with something (or someone) that's holding you back.

February is for harmony as you resolve any conflicts of interest that may surface during the square between assertive Mars and Pluto on February 1. Fortunately, it’s a lucky day to meet and talk about it. If job hunting, Friday and Saturday are opportune times to search and send out resumes.

On the third, Capricorn Venus becomes fortunately ambitious. On February 4, the new moon in Aquarius and your sector of money and how you earn it improves financial circumstances by stimulating ideas into action in the 30 days following the phase.

On Valentine’s Day, assertive Taurus Mars energizes your creativity and speculation sector, nudging you to take chances by banking on a sure thing. This is a transit that happens once every two and a half years. How did it work for you the last time?

On February 19, results emerge under the full moon in Virgo and your sector of expansion, especially if you’ve made efforts to go beyond limitations. Whatever moves you’ve made may pay off now.

On the twenty-second, cooperative Venus conjoins Pluto in your sign, bringing changes but of the modest kind. Remake or rebuild, should you wish to do so. The stars are on your side. You end the month with a lucky day, so plan your schedule accordingly.

Next month’s focus is on personal interests and projecting your image.