Capricorn | Horoscope Expert


Dec 22 – Jan 19

Your friends are on your mind. You have decisions to make regarding each one individually as well as a big one to make about them all. Your budget will ultimately dictate your final answer, so work on that first.

Your instinct on Monday is to think long-term, but it's likely you've got some more mundane responsibilities to handle first. Don't put the cart before the horse. Bigger advances are a distinct possibility on Tuesday and Wednesday. Use a different medium than usual to explain a project and you'll get some high-powered results. Something at home may be uppermost in your mind at the week's end, but you'll want to stay on your game at work as well. Maintaining stability is crucial now. If you must work this weekend, schedule plenty of leisure time – romance is in the stars!

Destiny finds you at the right moments in December. One example is the December 5 square between the Sagittarius sun and Pisces Neptune. The visionary duo transmits creative foresight in a cosmic PowerPoint of how to get things done.

Saturday and Sunday, the eighth and ninth, are lucky days. Search if you are job hunting, and tentatively schedule interviews and meetings under fortunate stars.

On December 12, when Mercury transits Sagittarius, private messages are the norm for Capricorn. You hear whispers to enhance your tactical powers and help you unscramble others’ communications. The sextile between Venus and Saturn on the sixteenth guides you about where to use the above to your benefit.

There’s a full Cancer moon on the twenty-second, so prepare to be amazed by your results so far.

Make a power play on December 28, when Scorpio Venus forms an opportunity aspect with Capricorn Pluto. Your move is especially advantageous if you have to protect your interests - and you might have to now - and destiny finds you again!

On the year’s last day, active, fiery Aries Mars begins a transit that occurs once every two and one-half years. If your business is construction or real estate, this is powerhouse energy to get you through slower times.

Home and family share the spotlight with career next month.