Capricorn | Horoscope Expert


Dec 22 – Jan 19

From the heights you've reached, you can now see things from many different angles. Or is it angels? You know there's not much difference today. Your special friends are helping you see things more clearly no matter what direction you look in. It might not be the view you want but at least it's crystal clear.

It's a good thing you're not afraid of hard work at the beginning of the week; a lesser person might be daunted by the sheer amount of tasks you've undertaken. Your perseverance, however, will absolutely pay off – you'll see some quantifiable results as soon as Wednesday and Thursday. Make note of those impressive numbers for when it comes time to update your resume. As you know, ups and downs are inevitable in business, so a plan falling through on Friday or over the weekend won't unduly concern you – it's just on to plan B.

August is a great time to consolidate any debts you have. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to take responsibility for your spending habits. The new moon in Leo on August 8 urges you to assess what you need to do about any existing credit card debt and loans. Although dealing with the issue head-on could cause anxiety, it’s always best to deal with issues right away before they get any worse. This will also allow you to have a better understanding of your financial situation.