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Dec 22 – Jan 19

Conjuring rosy images of the future is a lot of fun. It goes without saying that most people don't conjure up the worst. But visualizing the worst-case scenario is an important part of being prepared. Take off your rose colored glasses.

It's okay to have fun. In fact, it makes good business sense on Monday and Tuesday. The more you enjoy being around your colleagues, the better you'll be able to work together. Loyalty and relaxation are key themes at the start of the week, but Wednesday and Thursday will be about as far from relaxed as you can get – you'll be cutting conversations short simply because you don't have the time. Be polite about it and others will see your shortness as nothing more than an indication of how much you're getting done. Though you may be sitting at your desk on Friday, your mind is elsewhere.

Regrets are the universe’s way of suggesting that you rethink decisions. For example, in August, the message involves tendencies to write off risk taking (to your disadvantage, btw). Take a strategic few chances, and guess what? Success!

On August 7, the sun trines Jupiter while aspecting ruling Saturn. Energy is a Goldilocks condition: not too cold, not too hot, but just right.

The eleventh is a lucky day to search if job hunting. It’s also a turning point with three cosmic changes. Jupiter, the giver, is positively directing independent thought while Uranus, the planet of “do something completely different,” retrogrades in your risk-taking sign (“go” signal under conditions less stressful to you). Mercury transits your shared resources sign to ponder assets and liabilities, perhaps of the above. So, again, don’t be too quick to say no. Think about it.

On August 17, Virgo Mars energizes your sign of practical expansion. The sun and Venus join Mars the next week, and you look good doing it. Planets stimulate your confidence in your ability to outperform.

Mercury aspects fortunate Jupiter and realistic Saturn on the twenty-first, highlighting sensibly approached big plans calling for big decisions.

The August 30 Virgo new moon accents targets for fortuitous results next month.