Capricorn | Horoscope Expert


Dec 22 – Jan 19

Others may be impressed with you but that hardly seems to matter today. Your bottom line is ultimately only influenced by what you think of yourself. Accomplish your goals in a way that makes you feel proud.

Just let it out. Why carry around a bunch of uncertainty when you can share what you're wondering about and see what your coworkers think? It's fun to put something on the table and let everyone take a stab at it. It might inspire creativity. Tuesday and Wednesday, once you've established a focus for your week, you have no time for those who are flailing and stirring up trouble and chatting about nothing. You're not trying to be a curmudgeon; you just have things to do. Thursday and Friday, your approach is fantastically effective. This weekend, you're still humming.

Planning increases your chances of success, so says the September 28 new moon in Libra and your career sign. The transit accents partnerships, lightens responsibilities, and catalyzes improvements in the 30 days that follow the phase.

Pluto’s direct turn reenergizes and spurs action, then communicative Mercury leads an inner planetary array in your sign of goals and objectives on October 3. Needless to say, creative thinking is on the menu. Simultaneously, motivational Mars takes a trip through Libra and your career sign. It was last here two and one-half years ago, and this nice transit brings the potential for advancement. Door are open if you care to walk through them.

The fourth is a lucky afternoon to search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. This is an opportune time to schedule interviews and meetings. Saturday is also a lucky day to harvest good fortune.

The sun squares ruling planet Saturn on October 7. With Saturn, square aspects can stimulate substantial gain if you put in the effort. What you do is a long-term investment in yourself.

On the eighth, Scorpio Venus could bring goal changes, but it’s a happy condition.

October 14, listen to what others are planning and talking about over the next four days.

A Scorpio new moon on the twenty-seventh sets next month’s theme of exploring options. Some could seem out of the ordinary, so keep an open mind.