Capricorn | Horoscope Expert


Dec 22 – Jan 19

No one is getting a pay raise any time soon. In fact, many around you are taking home less now than they did a year ago. That doesn't mean you should settle for less than you're worth, but do tip your hat to the new culture of frugality.

People will be impressed by what you have to say this week. Not only are your ideas bringing everyone together, but you’re thinking of ways you can improve the lives of many people with your work. Include some philanthropy in your pipeline. However, matters in your personal life could absorb all your attention by midweek, and you could be called on to save the day. Tap into your role as a guardian, provider, and nurturer. Your family may be relying on you more than usual. By later in the week, any lingering issues at home might be impossible to ignore, so give yourself time to deal with them. Luckily, creative inspo is just around the corner. By week's end, your talents can’t help but stand out.

A hard worker by nature, you give your all to your job. The issue is that lately you've been feeling as though people are taking you for granted at the workplace. When Mercury stops its planetary moonwalk on November 3, you could find that money you’re owed from your professional partnerships has come back to you in multiples.

A professional shift could occur when Mars ends its retrograde journey on the thirteenth. Prepare yourself for a change in the course or direction of your career to focus on other important matters.

It’s also a wonderful time to incorporate a new interest or two into an existing project. You’ll find that adding what you love to your work helps inspire you to create more and take on a more lucrative role at your office on November 21.

If you’re thinking of adding more people to your gig or hiring more help during the holiday season, the lunar eclipse on the thirtieth is a great day to make it happen because that timeline will prove beneficial to you. Just be careful and make sure the extra holiday assistance is within your budget before you splurge. Stay within your financial means.