Capricorn | Horoscope Expert


Dec 22 – Jan 19

Everyone's acting flighty in these economic times. Try not to scare off the investors. Honesty is still the best policy, though, so don't discard any extra details just because they're frightening.

This workweek's all about organization. While you're more than on top of it as the week begins – both small-scale planning and major decisions ought to come easily now – around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, your system may break down, your discipline may falter. Shore up your work foundations now. Why is it you're doing what you do? How do the long-term goals look from here? You need real motivation to get to the next level. After putting some hard thought into it, all can become more clear this weekend. Now your life purpose and skills intersect.

Happy New Year! You’re in a Capricorn new moon cycle, which was also a solar eclipse, marking a profound new personal cycle and setting the stage for the coming year, and in some ways, for the rest of your life. If that sounds big, it is.

Jupiter is in your sign now, along with a stellium of planets, and you’re coming into your own, becoming aware of your gifts, and being presented with huge, lucrative opportunities that could potentially move your career to a whole new level. But this is also calling for a conscious breaking down of false conditioning so you can step into the role you’re now being called to play.

Over the past 18 months, you’ve been shedding skin, learning to relate to business partners as equals. On January 10, the Cancer full moon and lunar eclipse align, marking the end of this 18-month phase of transformation, bringing significant partnerships to light, and revealing your potential. You’re at the end of a cycle and seeing things in a new light. This will call for a careful reevaluation of boundaries, lowering your guard in some cases, drawing lines with others. Stay true to your values and avoid the temptation to give in to “get rich quick” or shady schemes. Your integrity matters more than your image.

With Venus, ruler of your career sector, in Aquarius and your income sector, you have a lot to gain financially. Remain detached and you can negotiate successful, mutually profitable arrangements. This is just the beginning of your journey of self-discovery that can see you growing in the fullness of your potential over the course of the year.