Capricorn | Horoscope Expert


Dec 22 – Jan 19

You're glad to help others in ways that you can, but don't bend over backwards to do what someone else can actually do for themselves. Catering to their need to be taken care of isn't doing them any favors. Save yourself the time and the money.

Sometime on Monday, shut the door to your office, put on a CD you enjoy listening to and close your eyes. If you don't have a CD player or you don't have an office, do whatever it's you do to relax. This is incredibly important at the start of the week. Tuesday and Wednesday, communicating brings more challenges than it should; for the sake of clarity, be concise. Thursday and Friday, you want more than anything to be somewhere else – at home perhaps. If you can duck out of work early, by all means, do so. This weekend you're very much a homebody.

You’re in high gear, so invest your energy this month. You also aren’t alone: The sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars stimulate creativity, knowledge, and fortunate changes.

Don’t be defensive. Charm gets you almost anything when the sun and Mercury trine ruling Saturn in the week of September 2. The seventh and eighth are lucky weekend days.

Speaking of ruling Saturn, its direct turn on September 18 moves your career forward. Does anything stand out about mid-January 2019? You have a second chance if you need it now. If someone said no, they might say yes if you present the idea again over the next few days. Update it with timely information.

Starting on the twenty-first, the ten-day motivational square between Jupiter and Neptune helps, if you’re self-correcting, while offering flashes of the future and how the modifications will work for you. Make strides with management and/or mentors on September 25. When Venus aspects Saturn, the career genie grants wishes. Got any?

Next month’s theme, set by the new moon phase on the twenty-eighth, inspires you to think about the risk of too much safety. Planning increases the chances of success in the 30 days that follow the phase.