Capricorn | Horoscope Expert


Dec 22 – Jan 19

You will be impressing others soon enough. But for that, you have a lot of preparing to do. It all comes with a huge price tag, but it's totally worth it. Imagining your good results brings you extra energy.

Think about how the great artists and composers did what they did. Indulge in some creativity at work on Monday and Tuesday to get at the heart of what you're trying to accomplish. Remain goal-oriented, even through Wednesday, when flighty people will be disappointing you left and right, and Thursday, when incessant casual chatter threatens to distract you all day long. Clarity of thought is essential right now. On Friday, change is in the air. Deal directly with everything that comes your way and prepare for the likelihood that others are going to overreact. Not you though – you are a rock.

Influences are changing, and you make the most of available opportunities this month. At the start of November, retrograde Venus returns to Libra to help you review goals and priorities and positively encourage you to link with partners for a mission now.

On November 5, the ability to see what lies beyond both facts and innuendo comes thanks to the sun’s trine with intuitive Neptune over the next four days.

The eleventh is a lucky Sunday. Search and send out resumes under a fortunate vibe (don’t restrict where you look). The next day is also a lucky day and opportune for scheduling interviews and meetings. On November 15, Pisces Mars in your communication sign helps you broadcast your business talent.

On the sixteenth, push ahead when fortunate Venus turns direct. While Venus gives you the go-ahead, retrograde Mercury gives you wiggle room as far as the things you don’t want to do.

On November 21, the sun aspects retrograde Uranus, sometimes called the planet of windfalls. In this light, something that came close but didn’t work out could on a second try. The sextile between Pisces Mars and ruling Saturn on the twenty-seventh stimulates opportunities over the next four days. Be on the lookout. Destiny, like a searchlight, finds you at the right moment next month.