Capricorn | Horoscope Expert


Dec 22 – Jan 19

Family, career, stability – it's all hanging in the balance. For peace of mind, focus on the present. As long as everything is teetering in the middle, you're still fine.

You'll more like reading and sending email as the week begins, but stay focused if you don't want to fall behind. Cut to the chase – on email, in person or on the phone – and cut the distractions. Midweek brings a bounty of new ideas, along with the energy to put them into action. Unfortunately, you'll be inspired to direct that energy outside of work entirely. Don't despair – the weekend is on the way. In fact, consider calling in a 'personal day' on Friday. You'll need an extra day as others continue to make unreasonable demands on you.

Advancement is at hand in May because of your clear and appropriate purpose.

On May 1, share the abundance when Venus aspects retrograde Saturn, your ruling planet. (Did you thank those who helped you achieve?)

The fourth and fifth are your lucky days. Send out resumes and search if you are job hunting. Schedule interviews and meetings on Friday when the stars are on your side.

On May 11, the Taurus sun trine to Capricorn Pluto creates a surge of adrenaline over the next four days. It isn’t the time to veg - not that you would - but what you do counts.

Taurus Uranus begins transiting your sector of risk-taking on the fifteenth. Be courageous. Gambles have unexpected benefits for your strategic risks.

Also that day, Mars brings activity to your sector of money and how you earn it. And the Taurus new moon is a “go” sign to start something new.

Lucky Jupiter trines extrasensory Neptune on May 25. Spread the word and gain support over the next ten days. You’ll dissolve obstacles while you’re at it.

You end the month with another lucky day, the thirty-first.

Money is a big theme next month. Focus on making it (and paying some out).