Capricorn | Horoscope Expert


Dec 22 – Jan 19

Someone is really counting on you — and this could strike you as unfair today. You're frustrated that this person is trying to hand so much power over to you. Nevertheless, you will start to feel a growing sense of responsibility for making everything perfect. This feeling is based either on love or on hope, and it won't go away anytime soon. But today you may feel the need to explain that although you can help, each of us is ultimately responsible for his or her own happiness.

Resources are tight on Monday, and no one's in the mood to share. Needless to say, Monday isn't a banner day. But Tuesday, an unexpected phone call from a long-distance friend changes your whole attitude, and a breakthrough on Wednesday allows you to achieve a whole lot in a single afternoon. You'll try to build on these achievements Thursday and Friday, but your energy will be off. Or maybe it's everyone else's energy that's off? In any case, you're all on the same page again by this weekend. And you've never felt more prepared for the future.

The sun is in a conjunction with your power planet Saturn in your sign on January 2, which should help get you the recognition you’ve been looking for. You knew your goals would pay off eventually, and it’s nice to see them come to fruition.

Venus enters freedom-loving Sagittarius on the seventh, and while you don’t fully identify with the Archer’s easygoing energy, you can see the value in approaching relationships more casually. If you can’t let go fully, loosening your grip helps.

Keep your brain busy during the Mercury-Saturn conjunction in your sign on January 13, but don’t accept projects that involve busywork or pointless distractions. Use your considerable knowledge to accomplish advanced logical tasks during this transit.

A full Leo moon and lunar eclipse on the twentieth put you and your efforts in the spotlight, so take a well-deserved bow, Capricorn. You don’t seek the limelight often, but it’s nice to be recognized in front of your friends, family, and peers. You deserve a standing ovation!

The month ends with the emotional moon entering your sign on January 31, but you fight to remain stoic. What would happen if you let your guard down just this once? It’s okay to go with the flow every now and then.