Capricorn | Horoscope Expert


Dec 22 – Jan 19

Someone you know is very excited about a new idea or project, but after taking a closer look at what this person wants to do, you're going to see quite a few holes in the plans. It's okay if you're wary of this new scheme – in fact, it's essential. You need to be the voice of reason. Use your tact and charm to prompt a reassessment and some fine-tuning. This person needs a dose of reality, and you are just the person to supply it.

On Monday, you may think you have a handle on what's going on, but you don't. Life is full of misinformation, and rather than proceed with the intelligence you have, you may want to wait until new intelligence comes your way. Wednesday and Thursday are perfect days for fact-finding – you'll be in the mood to ask questions, dig through papers, hide in bushes – and Friday brings tons of energy for striking out into the world to prove or disprove your new theories. This weekend you will see a lot of people, but you'll struggle to make deep connections; are like that.

Is November the month you’ll finally get it all done? You have enough on your own plate, but you feel a need to come to the rescue of people during the caring sun-Neptune retrograde trine on November 6. A good compromise? Finish what you’ve already started first (in other words, take care of your own responsibilities) and then move on to more charitable acts.

A Venus retrograde-Mars trine on the ninth can rev up your social life, but complications could arise when you misunderstand or misinterpret someone else’s actions. Is it possible you were moving too quickly to clearly read the signs? The faster you try to go, the bigger the chances you’ll miss something important.

A Mercury retrograde cycle starts on November 16, which only increases the chances of you getting things wrong yet again. The more you try to get people to understand your point of view, the harder it becomes. Having déjà vu? When past mistakes repeat, it usually means you didn’t learn the lesson the first time.

You’re a hard worker during the Mars-Saturn sextile on the twenty-seventh, and you might get a lot of satisfaction from hands-on, intense labor. Working up a good sweat connects you to the task at hand and reminds you why they call it “work” in the first place.