Capricorn | Horoscope Expert


Dec 22 – Jan 19

Something big is coming, and it might come before you're completely ready for it! Preparation is the big theme for you today, and you'd be wise to double-check your finances. Look for opportunities to travel. Do you have all your shots? Is your passport valid? There are clues regarding all things romantic, and by the end of the day you'll probably have enough information to make an educated guess. Things are going to start getting exciting!

Anything is possible on Monday with a little perseverance. You just need to dig in and stick to your plans to make things happen as the week begins. On Tuesday and Wednesday, your amazing proficiency for planning continues to save the day, and others will be impressed and amazed by how much you're able to get done. On Thursday and Friday, you might want to switch things up a little – try some spontaneous solutions and ad hoc approaches to the problems at hand. This weekend, make close connections with others. Use your charm and creativity to communicate clearly.

Talkative Mercury is in gentle Libra as it squares serious Saturn in your sensible sign on November 6. You’re all business when it comes to stating your opinions and beliefs, and you have little patience for anyone who wants to challenge you. There will be times this month when you’re open to what others have to say, but this isn’t one of those times.

Adventurous Jupiter is also in your businesslike sign when it conjoins Pluto, also in your sign, on the twelfth. All this earthy energy produces a great environment for you to make some big moves. Think big picture, Capricorn. You have the ambition and determination to set some goals that will make a huge difference in the world when you reach them.

Loving Venus enters sexy Scorpio on November 21, at the same time the sun pairs up with fiery Sagittarius. There is a lot of electricity in the air now, and you should be feeling yourself. Make a move that takes others by surprise. You don’t like to show off very often, but your moves are too good not to show them off now!

When dreamy Neptune goes direct while in gentle Pisces, the sign it rules, on the twenty-eighth, some realities will be exposed that you can’t ignore. You know that safe little dream world you’ve been floating along in? It’s about to be shattered, Capricorn. Luckily, you can handle the truth.