Capricorn | Horoscope Expert


Dec 22 – Jan 19

Could circumstances beyond your control be turning you into a more jaded person? Today, before you lose sight of the world's wonders, unearth some of your old idealistic tendencies. They aren't gone – they're still deep down inside of you. They've been sleeping, just waiting for a time when they'll be necessary and relevant in your life again. Let yourself be impressed by the magic that surrounds you every day. Smile at a stranger who smiles at you.

Integrity and perseverance are important at the start of the week, but so is having fun. Monday reminds you of being a kid again – of playing games in imaginary settings and goofing around with friends you feel like you've known forever. You don't get to indulge like this often. Come midweek you have to put on a serious face again and strike out into the serious world to do serious things. And Thursday and Friday find you seriously focused on one person. The weekend? Seriously emotional – but bear in mind that things may not be as they seem.

Mercury is retrograde in clever Scorpio starting on December 1, so you might be able to find a way out of the dilemmas you find yourself in. The more you delve into a problem, the more you understand it, so don’t be afraid to go deep to get the answers you’re looking for.

You fight for control as the emotional moon enters your sometimes-rigid sign on the eighth, but you might not always get it. You don’t like mess and disorder, but what happens when there’s no way around it? Strive for balance. ?

When the vital sun enters your ambitious sign on December 21, you recommit to your goals. You take your responsibilities very seriously, but all work and no play can be synonymous with a boring existence. Take breaks to enjoy life, Capricorn!

A Mercury-Neptune square on the twenty-fourth urges you to stick with the basics when communicating because things could quickly get complicated. If you’re dealing with someone who has deceptive tendencies, stay alert.

The moon enters fair-minded Libra on December 28, so figuring out your year-end options should be relatively easy. You have so many choices, Capricorn. Consider yourself lucky!