Gemini | Horoscope Expert


May 21 – Jun 20

Sorting will be a rewarding, energizing activity for you today — seek out a confusing set of materials or information and get to work! You'll get a big boost out of making sense of a situation that would only confuse others. Looking at the big picture and finding areas you want to explore and areas you want to avoid will be easy for you, so why not offer your services to a confused friend, relative, or coworker? He or she will be mighty grateful!

After a light debate with a friend, you feel stimulated and on your toes. This is a good place for you to be at the start of this week. Engage as many friends as you can in conversations that are more than just idle time killers. Practice your communication skills; you'll need them Wednesday, when an interaction with a family member will prove difficult. Thursday and Friday are more purely enjoyable – and if you're single, a romantic prospect might present itself. A new project! Just what you need to occupy your hungry mind this weekend.

The Mercury-Uranus trine on January 4 has your mind buzzing with new ideas and possibilities. When you get exciting news, it’s hard to keep it a secret. Your mind is wide open, and you welcome the chance to share your thoughts with others.

Mercury joins Saturn in practical Capricorn, also on the fourth, and reality can clue you in to the negative aspects of potential outcomes. It’s not that you haven’t looked at things realistically up until now, but this aspect tends to highlight the disappointments instead of your amazing accomplishments.

A Mercury-Pluto conjunction on January 18 adds depth and intensity to your thoughts, and it’s possible to uncover secrets now without too much effort. Do your best to use your persuasive powers in a positive way.

Mercury enters eccentric Aquarius on the twenty-fourth, increasing your outside-the-box thinking. Coming up with alternative solutions to a big problem can save you a lot of time, worry, money, or all the above.

You’re on top of it during the sun-Mercury conjunction on January 29, making it easy to gather your thoughts in time to successfully finish a project by month’s end. It’s enough to know you did a good job even if no one says anything.