Gemini | Horoscope Expert


May 21 – Jun 20

Working with other people will be very interesting and stimulating for you today—you'll be exposed to more than one new point of view regarding a topic you thought was old-hat. Just when you thought you had everything all figured out—bam! There goes that assumption. Radical changes will abound for you, soon. This is a time of philosophical growth. You might even find yourself exploring little-known philosophies and religions just to see what all the fuss is about.

While romantic Venus moves through your third house of communication from July 27 to August 21, you’ll want to connect with your significant other, a potential partner, or your closest friends on an intellectual level. Enjoying fun activities that stimulate your mind (like visiting a museum or reading a new novel) together can lay the groundwork for fulfilling this desire and bolstering your bonds.

On July 28, the emotional moon in your sign squares off against dreamy Neptune in your tenth house of career, and you might feel like it’s challenging to see eye-to-eye with an authority figure. At the same time, you might not feel like you’re seeing the situation clearly. Wait until the dust settles to draw a definitive conclusion.

Your guide planet Mercury goes retrograde in confident Leo on July 7, but resist the urge to force communication issues. Using tact to iron out problems is always better than creating sparks because you didn’t think things through.

The highly sensitive sun-Neptune trine in water signs Cancer and Pisces on the tenth makes navigating your way difficult, but your intuition is right on now, so use it to find escape routes when you need them.

Information is Mercury’s specialty, and when it visits the Crab’s emotional sign on July 19, you tend to take everything very personally. Don’t be too defensive when someone offers you some constructive criticism, Cancer.

The sun teams up with the bold Lion on July 22, so why not take some chances? You aren’t afraid to go where your friends won’t go or say what they won’t say. You stand out in the crowd, Gemini. Take a bow and wait for the applause to erupt!

The Leo new moon on the thirty-first helps your creativity blossom, and it’s a perfect time to nurture your natural gifts and talents. Are you a great singer? painter? tennis player? Let the world see what you do best. It’s your time to shine.