Gemini | Horoscope Expert


May 21 – Jun 20

Sacrifices can be very tricky things: you need to make them consciously, but you never have a guarantee that they'll be worth the effort. They take a major leap of faith and should not be entered into on a whim. Charming personalities might try to get you to take that leap of faith a bit too soon today, so be cautious about any financial, career or romantic opportunities that come your way. Don't turn the sacrifice into your financial security.

Your opinions are pretty solid, but that doesn't mean everyone's in the mood to hear them. If the right message is delivered at the wrong time, it won't resonate. So spend Monday and Tuesday with your ears open. Be the master of your own fate and, when it comes to your friends, be encouraging without being dogmatic. Wednesday and Thursday most likely find you at work and involved in a minor squabble, but Friday and Saturday the stars have something fairly radical in store for you. A change of heart. A change of perspective. Some kind of surprise. Sunday has you thinking about change.

Your home planet Mercury turns retrograde on March 5, wreaking havoc on your life in the usual ways. You know the drill by now. Finding alternate solutions to your communication problems is step number one.

Mercury retrograde squares lucky Jupiter on the fifteenth, creating an interesting dynamic. You have high hopes for the future, but things keep getting in the way of your progress. Stay optimistic despite people who try to rain on your parade.

The sun enters enthusiastic Aries on March 20, giving you some new motivation to complete a project you let fall by the wayside. That feeling of excitement is back now, though, which should help you finally finish what you started.

Mercury is still retrograde when it conjoins dreamy Neptune on the twenty-fourth, so your thinking might alternate between reality, fantasy, and somewhere in between. You can gain a lot of insight through meditation now, but you might find it hard to concentrate at times.

Mercury finally heads direct on March 28, relieving you of some of the chaotic energy you’ve been dealing with. Now that things are starting to get back on track, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Bring on April!