Gemini | Horoscope Expert


May 21 – Jun 20

It doesn't take all that much for you to fall hard right now, but who can say how long it will last? Go ahead and get swept away as long as you realize that you might feel something very different very soon.

Early in the week, you’re feeling open to one-on-one connections and ready to make a commitment to someone who’s stolen your heart. Despite how scatterbrained you can be, you feel like giving one person all your undivided attention. However, you may not know just how public you want to go with this relationship. By midweek, it may be time to bite the bullet and finally update your relationship status. However, public pressure could reach the boiling point later in the week. People may not be entirely on board with the decisions you’re making in your love life, and the tension could create awkwardness. Luckily, it doesn’t matter what people think because it’s your love life. Follow your heart’s lead.

Have you been having a hard time communicating how you really feel lately? Mercury comes out of retrograde on November 3 and almost immediately you notice your flirting improves. These last few weeks have been tough on your love life, but now you’re back in action!

Your ruler Mercury soon gets tangled up in a square with rule-following Saturn on the sixth, leaving you with some difficult decisions to make. This aspect doesn’t always fight fair, and you’ll probably be torn between telling what you know about someone’s love life and just keeping your head down and focusing on your own issues.

Mercury then leaves Libra and gets back together with Scorpio, its intuitive retrograde partner, on November 10. Your jealousy could rage out of control during this time, and you might not be able to curb your obsession about someone you’re really into. Luckily, Scorpio is the strong, silent type, so you aren’t likely to spill your own secrets, even on social media.

The full moon on the thirtieth is also a lunar eclipse in your sign, so you’ll feel the push and pull of your emotions as they battle from one extreme to the other. When you aren’t sure which way to go, stay put.