Gemini | Horoscope Expert


May 21 – Jun 20

Get to the bottom of things today, whether it's checking out a certain romantic possibility or the needs of your own heart. Tonight, something (or someone) inspiring could come your way!

You enjoy a battle of wits with somebody as opinionated as you are at the beginning of the week – in fact, it might feel more like flirting than a debate. Your intellectual energy is bountiful now, and rather hot. On Thursday and Friday, know when to say when in terms of communicating; a silence (sultry, mysterious or comfortable) can be far sexier than talking on and on. The weekend looks custom-made for romance, with lots of angles for your curious heart and mind to explore. You have plenty of opportunities for learning more when it comes to love.

You’re quick with witty comments and one-liners when your home planet Mercury partners with your fast-thinking, intelligent sign on May 3, which should enhance your love life quite a bit. Geminis in relationships are irresistible and charming to their partners, and single Twins will be popular to the masses. No matter what your status, you’ve got plenty of options!