Gemini | Horoscope Expert


May 21 – Jun 20

Your fiery social energy is heating up in a big way. Give in to your passions! Feel free to chat up that new hottie who needs some coaxing out of their shell. Your ready smile is just what they need!

A healthy emotional state is inextricably linked to a healthy body as the week begins, so to get that self-confidence up and get that lovely glow. Make time for walking, dancing, yoga or whatever's your style. Extremes in the romantic energy are coming your way around Wednesday and Thursday, and you're liable to find these extremes rather exciting – and your nimble wit's more than equal to handling it all with aplomb. If you've got a hidden agenda love wise this weekend, you might just end up revealing it – and that might be the smartest agenda of all.

If you’ve been thinking about hiding the truth or being deceptive, think again. When communicative Mercury in fiery Leo opposes serious Saturn in airy Aquarius on August 1, nothing will serve you so well as being honest. Your love life improves and even thrives the more open and willing you are to share how you truly feel.

Messenger Mercury moves on to oppose Jupiter (also in Aquarius) on the tenth, reminding you once again not to lurk in the shadows. It’s easy to get caught up in exaggeration and telling little white lies, but the path toward love isn’t paved with false intentions.

When Mercury finally leaves Leo and partners with straightforward Virgo on August 11, you’re naturally more prone to sticking to the facts when it comes to communicating. Your words aren’t as flamboyant, but they’re honest and sincere, and that counts for a whole lot right now.

The full moon in nontraditional Aquarius on the twenty-second encourages you to do something way outside your comfort zone, and you’re more than willing to get a little crazy in the name of love. You might be a little detached from your emotions, but that doesn’t mean your heart isn’t in the romantic actions you’re taking.