Gemini | Horoscope Expert


May 21 – Jun 20

You need to think fast! If you're chatting with a hottie on the train, ask them out before you hit their stop. If you nab last-minute tickets to that big show or concert, ring up a date to join you ASAP.

Relationships – or potential ones – are in the stars at the week's outset. Seeing the other's perspective shows you which way to go now. Around Wednesday, your affections are fickle, especially if someone's trying to take ownership of you – you're your own boss, and they'll hear about it for sure. But sometime Thursday, a fickle heart is replaced by a truly open mind, and you're ready to take on a new perspective when it comes to romance. A wonderful change can come between now and Saturday. If you've got a sweeping statement to make on Sunday, though, save it until early next week.

Your home planet of Mercury is super active this month, beginning with a fun and flirty sextile with Venus on September 3. This harmonious aspect has a positive effect on existing relationships, and if you’re single, it gives you an air of approachability and friendliness that makes meeting new people a breeze.

The Mercury-Saturn trine on the seventh encourages you to finish what you already started before moving on to something new, so be sure to get that all-important closure on old relationships before proceeding to the next level with a current partner or on to someone new if you’re single.

Mercury trines Pluto retrograde on September 15, enhancing your communication skills but putting a somewhat darker spin on your interactions. Don’t use your powers of persuasion on anything negative, Gemini, because doing so will almost always backfire.

Mercury drifts into airy Libra on the twenty-first, giving you a balanced outlook concerning love. And even though you live for getting the verbal upper hand, your current sense of fairness won’t let you win a debate or argument without at least letting your partner or date have a chance to make their point.