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May 21 – Jun 20

As usual, having a good day is a matter of avoiding extremes. Some light debating is fine, but a full-blown argument is not. The same is true of your money. Spending a bit here and there is totally okay, but don't go any further with it.

You have a stack of invoices on your desk that need to be taken care of, but all you want to do is make them into paper airplanes and sail them out the window. This probably isn't the best idea. If you deal with the Monday drudgery on Monday then you can have fun on Tuesday and Wednesday (both days will be full of action, romance and energy). Thursday sees you slowing down a bit again, just to regain your footing with current projects, and on Friday you'll dig deep to solve a burning question about the business. Over the weekend, share what you've learned with a trusted ally.

July’s thoughts do not stay in one place. They distract you from your course and introduce multiple paths that split simultaneously. What to do? On July 5, Mercury in your communication sector says, “Talk about it” when you hear things in a different context when the planet opposes Mars of many progressive Aquarius opinions. Listen, but make your own decisions.

The ninth is a lucky day for you. Search and send out resumes if job hunting. Schedule interviews and meetings. Fortunate Jupiter’s direct turn the next day brings new options over the next few days.

The solar eclipse occurs in your sector of money and how you earn it on July 12, and the sun and moon aspect “dig deep into it” Pluto on the same day. A hint here: Look at multiple coincidences, things that happened between three to five times. There are fortunate breaks within the chance occurrences that weren’t obvious at the time, but now the eclipse is a eureka moment.

On the sixteenth, your ruler Mercury aspecting Pluto promises exceptional power today (as in addressing the above).

On July 25, the Leo Mercury retrograde is perfect for reconnecting and re-networking that ties in well with July 27, when you grasp ideas and convey them easily in the two weeks following the free-spirited Aquarius lunar eclipse.

Next month, arguing stops conversations you should have.