Gemini | Horoscope Expert


May 21 – Jun 20

You're feeling willful and ornery and there's only one way to rid yourself of the curse. The silver bullet, of course, is to be of service to others. That kind of good-deed-doing makes you feel like life is worth living again; the more money you give, the better.

Everyone believes the ship is sailing in the correct direction, the agreed-upon direction, but you have a sense that an undercurrent is carrying you all toward quite a different destiny. And you're not wrong. It will be exhausting convincing everyone of this, but when all is said and done you will be hailed as a hero. In the meantime, recognition for smaller aspects of your brilliance may come as soon as Wednesday or Thursday. Expect to be thinking deeply, and expect that deep thinking to translate into other areas of your life too. On Friday and Saturday, you're dreamy and anxious.

There might be detours, but they send you in the right direction in May. Your mission is to watch for helpful signals that point the way to success. Heading toward what you really want to do is a step in the right direction.

On May 1, your sparkling intellect helps overcome obstacles when Mercury sextiles Gemini Mars. Expression is through the succinct use of words (thanks to a square with Saturn).

Investigative (historical) research reveals surprising information as Mercury trines retrograde Jupiter and squares Pluto on the second. Past memos are your friends.

May 6 and May 7 are lucky days. If you’re job hunting, it’s an auspicious time for interviews and meetings.

On the fifteenth, uber-persuasive Venus and Mercury are perfect for talking business. The sextile between Mercury and Neptune breaks down barriers. Cancer Mars looks after security during the transit in your money sector.

The Gemini sun on May 21 means that you have a birthday in the next 30 days and that it’s time to set new goals. Mercury in your sign holds a key to many creative ideas.

Gemini Mercury opposing fortunate Jupiter is a phone line to the outside world on the thirtieth. Reconnect and then stay in touch.

Next month, look for achievement and constructive ways to adjust.