Gemini | Horoscope Expert


May 21 – Jun 20

Don't bother communicating anything important today, because no matter how hard you try spelling things out, your message will come across as gibberish. Being clear is just not an option and it's not for lack of trying.

You know how sometimes an obstacle brings out the best in you – it makes you try really hard and forces you to come up with a plan that's more brilliant than the first one that may have occurred to you? That's what Monday's like. Tuesday and Wednesday there's an overwhelming amount of work to be done, but an active romantic subplot keeps you engaged and attentive (and cheerful!). Thursday and Friday you have your mind on your money (and, to quote the hit song, 'your money on your mind'), but Sunday leads you far, far away from financial considerations.

While the September need for solitude may not be something you prefer, it is designed to provide space to think and regroup. The week of September 3, the earthy Virgo sun, ruling Mercury, and action-oriented Mars highlight the above, adding an important note: think long-term efforts and rewards.

The sun opposes Neptune on the tenth. Stay cool during four days when you’re open to everything. Beware of the latter’s tendency to take in, amplify, and personalize.

Saturn turns direct in your shared resources sign on September 18, and mutual future priorities take precedence over the past. The nineteenth, your late afternoon lucky day, says there’s no better time to contemplate. September 20 is an all-day lucky day. You know the drill about the job search. It’s an opportune time for meetings.

September 21 is important as expansive Jupiter squares illusionist Neptune. Reality check! Life isn’t all illusion. You have ten days to figure what is or isn’t. It is key for the remainder of the year.

Venus squares Pluto on the thirtieth, joining planets propelling you to great achievement this month and next. Feng shui your life, clear out the debris, and make room for October’s successes.