Gemini | Horoscope Expert


May 21 – Jun 20

To say you have a busybody looking over your shoulder is an understatement. Protect your financial information as if it were your most valuable asset. It might not be identity theft they are after, but the damage they want to inflict is just as bad. You can't be too tight lipped today.

A certain party offering advice at the beginning of the week may be more interested in just plain interfering. Instead of engaging, politely but firmly stonewall them. The plethora of options open to you on Wednesday or Thursday may be exciting, but it could also have a paralyzing effect. Consulting your mentor or doing more background research gets you moving forward – and being proactive – again. But you'll want to slow down from Friday through the weekend, for the sake of your health if nothing else. Eating right, resting and exercise make you a more productive, balanced person.

Heads up and eagerly aware, you’ll be on top of what goes on this month - won’t you? For example, on March 1, Aquarius Venus sends signals designed to tempt you away from the mundane and into the adventures you long for, blending with groups you don’t yet even know you want to know.

As of the fifth, ruling planet Mercury’s retrograde (though the twenty-eighth) applauds modifications that make things work better. Even small tweaks result in high performance.

On March 6, unpredictable Uranus slows down in the sign of Taurus. In your sign of “I should have…” the planet’s seven-year transit reveals skeletons in the closet (aka secrets revealed). In 2026, you’ll find yourself in a more authentic, “freer to be you” life.

Your lucky days of the eleventh and twelfth are auspicious for searching, sending out resumes, and interviewing if you’re job hunting. Turn in a star performance in interviews and meetings.

Spring into creativity with the full moon on March 20. Be daring with La Luna in your risk-taking sign. However, neither do anything abruptly nor make decisions lightly.

On the thirtieth, Gemini Mars supplies momentum in a transit that happens once every two and one-half years. Mars is your power source to success next month.