Gemini | Horoscope Expert


May 21 – Jun 20

Don't be too inflexible in your thinking. You need to be able to bob a weave, as circumstances warrant. Digging your heels in could leave you way too vulnerable. It's not a good time for those kinds of extremes.

You're a fish swimming against the stream on Monday, and you're close to tiring out. Persevere! If you need to duck out for an extra coffee break with a colleague, do it. You might be faking your enthusiasm on Monday, but Tuesday and Wednesday your excitement about current projects is infectious. Plus, your open-mindedness is inspiring to others. Nevertheless, Thursday and Friday find you drifting off into space, dreaming about how to change your current professional circumstances. The way to jolt yourself out of such blurriness is to approach mundane tasks creatively.

Address issues and resolve them this month. And note that chances are good they’re already solved; they simply aren't in order. Try moving them around like puzzle pieces.

August 7 inspires a broader outlook when the sun trines expansive Jupiter. And the next day, Venus adds popularity with almost everyone in a trine with Jupiter. Did you think it couldn’t get any better than this with the above?

Jupiter turns direct on the eleventh. If you’ve burned any bridges, restore them now when Leo Mercury turns direct.

The full Aquarius moon on August 15 is in your sign of expansion, vision, and progressive ideas.

On the twenty-first and twenty-second, ruling Mercury aspects Saturn and Neptune. Saturn, symbolizing long-term issues, says “go” long preparing for the future. Neptune's "stop" is to forget long and grab pie in the sky for the moment.

August 23 and August 24 are lucky days to search if job hunting and schedule interviews and meetings.

On the thirtieth, the Virgo new moon advises moving forward with care.

Next month, the end of an issue (or more than one) is indicated with planetary activity in your fourth house sign of private affairs. It could be an intrusion on your seclusion.