Gemini | Horoscope Expert


May 21 – Jun 20

Roads you know like the back of your own hand tempt you to drive faster than you should. When you're not familiar with the terrain, though, you need to take it a lot slower. You're in unknown financial territory. Proceed with caution.

You and you-know-who have been thick as thieves recently, but something on Monday or Tuesday threatens to drive you apart. All of a sudden this person is acting like an authority figure. It's totally bizarre. Try to get to the bottom of it. The middle of the week is a challenge in open-mindedness, and you should meet the challenge with enthusiasm. Your point of view may radically change by Thursday. (Amazing how quickly these things happen.) Friday, apply your creative talents to whatever task is in front of you, and then, this weekend, find creative excuses to be around friends.

September could be decision-making time. Should you advance or retreat? Now it’s about thoughtful planning and meaningful action. September 2 is a lucky day. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. Schedule interviews and meetings on September 3, a lucky morning for you.

On the fifth, Mercury is strong, refined, and better for expression in Virgo. On Friday, Mercury trines executive-thinking Saturn to help make up a mind directly. It’s especially helpful for contemplating proper adjustments.

Aquarius Mars, starting September 10, is a positive transit through early November. Have plans and let your intentions be known when your inner fire burns determinedly.

On the thirteenth, Mercury opposes Neptune in an aspect that represents a crossroads in which you can’t take both paths, Gemini. You have to consider a sacrifice, even a small one, as you choose.

Libra Mercury inspires your creativity sector, beginning September 21, and ideas flow freely over the next few weeks. There isn’t a better day to communicate than a lucky one, the twenty-ninth. Schedule meetings under fortunate stars. Next month, call on your inner detective when a lot goes on behind closed doors.