Gemini | Horoscope Expert


May 21 – Jun 20

Things are moving to a deeper level in a very shallow area of your life. This could mean that a relationship is about to move to a new level, that a burgeoning friendship will blossom, or that you will finally overcome a challenging learning curve at work. This is a sign that you're doing the right thing right now, and that where you are in life is the perfect place to be. Congratulate yourself and prepare to enjoy a richer happiness.

The roller coaster might be bumpy on Monday, but that doesn't mean you should eject yourself from the ride – that would clearly only make things worse. Focus on getting through the day no matter how many busybodies and worrywarts cross your path. Tuesday and Wednesday will also be crowded with people, but they will be good people, people you already know and love or people you want to meet. On Thursday and Friday, worries about money keep you from being able to think clearly about anything else, but this weekend reminds you how little money matters ultimately.

When your home planet Mercury backs into Scorpio on December 1, it affects you a little differently than most. You have a tough time getting along without your favorite apps and virtual connections, so glitches and error messages aren’t easy for you to accept. Use Scorpio’s advanced intuition to feel your way out of the bigger problems you’ll experience.

Mercury is still in Scorpio when it goes direct on the sixth, so you can tackle outstanding communication or information issues with intensity. It shouldn’t take you long to get caught up on whatever you missed!

The moon enters quirky Aquarius on December 10, stirring up your inner rebel and suggesting it’s a good time to break the rules. Just like any other time, there are consequences to your actions, but they won’t be uppermost in your mind.

Good (and most likely unexpected) news accompanies the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction on the twenty-first, which you enthusiastically welcome during the holiday season. With so much on your plate, it’s nice when something goes your way.

The sun enters Capricorn, also on December 21, and you benefit from the Ram’s organized energy. Last-minute shopping or decorating should be a piece of cake!