Gemini | Horoscope Expert


May 21 – Jun 20

When a suggestion is a good one, you should take it, sometimes even if it goes against your own instincts. Someone really different may appear at this time. Do they say things that prove to you that they are on to something good? You need to become a part of it! Just because you don't know a person very well doesn't mean they don't know you or at least what you want out of life. Let other people connect with you by allowing them to help you out.

Health is at the top of your mind on Monday. The slightest hint of a symptom sends you searching the Internet for information about what may be going on. Little may be going on at all; but interest in your well-being is, you know, a healthy interest. Tuesday you're observant of your body as well as other areas; you are a detective. Wednesday and Thursday see you probing deeply. Friday, unfortunately, is a day of more questions than answers and Saturday yields little in the way of new discoveries, but on Sunday someone says something that suddenly makes a week's worth of clues come together.

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