Gemini | Horoscope Expert


May 21 – Jun 20

It could become clear today that one of your friends is simply telling you what you want to hear, and they aren't interested in creating any real connection. This might be a temporary issue, or it might be a choice they're making. Either way, you need to find out what's going on in order to figure out if you still want (or need) them in your life. Cut to the chase and find out why they're being so distant. The answer, whatever it is, will set you both free.

Your appetite for learning, growth, and evolving is sure to be cranked up a notch from March 30 to May 12 while go-getter Mars moves through your ninth house of higher learning and adventure. Harness this enthusiasm and sign up for an online class that will allow you to boost your skillset. From there, you might be in an improved position to advance your career.

Then, social Venus moves through your sign from April 3 until its retrograde on May 13, amplifying your desires for self-pampering and connection with others. You might do well to explore new forms of self-care, whether that’s taking your favorite yoga or meditation teacher’s class more frequently, catching up with a loved one or romantic interest over FaceTime, or trying your hand at a new gourmet cookie recipe. The more you’re able to communicate from the heart, the more satisfied you’ll be. 

Loving Venus enters your flexible sign on April 3, giving you lots of options regarding how you live your life. It’s nice to have choices, but are they getting in the way of you fully committing to just one thing? Long-term planning really isn’t your strength, but the future will be here before you know it.

A conjunction between your ruler Mercury and dreamy Neptune, also on the third, improves your psychic abilities and increases your intuition, and you can use these extra perceptive powers to your advantage. Do you find yourself finishing a friend or lover’s sentences? When you’re this tapped in to someone else’s psyche, your bond is unbreakable.

Mercury enters powerful Aries on April 10, encouraging you to be more assertive and demanding. You say exactly what you think now, which isn’t going to make you the most popular person in the room. Yes, your opinions are strong, but your confidence is attractive to the right people. It’s more important now than ever to find like-minded individuals who share your vision.

Mercury moves into stable, dependable Taurus on the twenty-seventh, urging you to create strong foundations you can build on later. New friendships come slowly but surely now. The key to most successful relationships is to be understanding and forgiving rather than impatient and stubborn.