Gemini | Horoscope Expert


May 21 – Jun 20

Keep things nice and light when it comes to interpersonal interactions now – fluffy, inconsequential and fun. If someone close to you tries to force a discussion about a heavy issue (or any kind of discussion at all, really), firmly deflect them by offering a specific rain check. Assure them that it's not that you don't want to talk about it, it's just that now's not a good time. After all, your good mood depends on it.

You'll be restraining yourself a lot this week, biting your tongue while others make some choices you don't agree with. Give your friends the freedom to learn from their own mistakes. In doing so, you will distance yourself from some, but grow closer to others. Confusing things happen at work on Wednesday or Thursday. It's best if you just watch from the sidelines. Don't get involved – you run the risk of changing your mind based on the wrong information. The weekend would be a great time to satisfy your creative urges with a trip to a concert or museum.

Mercury, your quick-moving home planet, is all over the place (as usual) this month, but take special note of its square with retrograde Pluto on May 7. You benefit from deep and intense interactions and conversations with people, and while there’s a chance you’ll take things too seriously, the potential benefits far outweigh the costs. When your thoughts turn to darker topics, balance them out with some lighter ones.

The sun enters your sociable sign on the twentieth, and you’re more than ready to have a party or network with potential business partners, co-workers, and/or employees. Just make sure your efforts to talk to virtually everyone on the scene doesn’t lead to you acquiring a flighty, flaky, or fake reputation.

Another Mercury-Pluto interaction occurs on May 25, but this time in the form of a less intimidating trine. The energy here is favorable, and it’s easy for you to talk people into doing favors for you (or at least returning ones you did for them earlier in the month).

One last notable Mercury transit is when it enters your sign on the twenty-ninth, allowing you to end the month on a high note. You really love puns and wordplay, and you’re an excellent flirt.