Gemini | Horoscope Expert


May 21 – Jun 20

Your romantic life is about to snap into major action! If you're single right now, a strange coincidence will provide a long-awaited opportunity to get a bit closer to that certain someone you've had your eye on. If you're in a relationship right now, things are going to be busy! A lot of new people are coming into both of your lives, and you'll be busy traveling and doing things that will shed new light on your personality. Your partner is going to learn more about you.

Whatever you're feeling on Monday, you're not alone. The people around you are more complicated (and more understanding) than you may realize, and talking with them – or finding another way to express yourself – is a grand idea. Tuesday's great for communicating as well. Wednesday and Thursday are more introspective days (you will have to call on inner resources to get everything handled), and Friday involves an awkward squabble with someone nearby (a coworker or a neighbor). But Saturday and Sunday are bursting with goodness and, possibly, romance.

You love unraveling mysteries during the Mercury-Neptune conjunction on April 2. This is the perfect time to decipher clues. Use your advanced detective skills to get out of an escape room. Or binge-watch crime shows on TV.

The sun-Jupiter trine on the fourteenth is still a positive experience despite Jupiter being in retrograde. With so much optimism surrounding you, there are really no bad choices.

Communicative Mercury enters powerful Aries on April 16, so your words have strength and conviction. You might be louder than usual, too, as you try to take control of a work meeting or conversation with a group of friends. Just remember that you can get your point across without yelling.

The full Libra moon shines a beautiful light on things on the nineteenth, making it a good time to strengthen relationship bonds. If a friendship has been rocky lately, extend an apologetic hand. Even if the tiff wasn’t your fault, you have the power to mend things amicably.

Disciplined Saturn turns retrograde on April 29, making you question if all your recent hard work has been worth it. Don’t give up, even when things don’t turn out as planned. The answers might be slow in coming, but they’ll come.