Gemini | Horoscope Expert


May 21 – Jun 20

As a concept, love may be important to you right now, but you might be having some anti-romance feelings today. It would be wise for you to avoid any cooing couples. They're likely to get on your very last nerve. But try not to get too angry at the people who don't know any better than to act as though the rest of the world doesn't exist. Instead, go off on your own and enjoy a break from hearts and flowers. Treat yourself to some luxurious solitude.

You’ll be fired up to act on your most passionate desires with your S.O. or a potential match on January 20 when the intuitive moon pairs up with go-getter Mars in your seventh house of partnership. 

Then, around January 24 when the new moon falls in your ninth house of adventure, you’ll want to shake up your usual routine and seek out eye-opening, intellectually-stimulating, soul-fueling experiences. You’re usually full of curiosity, but this transit allows you to get even more active in your pursuit of extraordinary moments and opportunities that will allow you to continue to learn and grow. Because the new moon squares off against game-changer Uranus in your twelfth house of spirituality, you could be surprised by a deep-rooted desire or dream that can shape your actions now. 

There’s so much to learn when the moon passes through your sign, starting on January 6. You’re curious about everything and view every experience as a chance to grow. Things to put on your to-do list now? Doing research, having more conversations with intellectuals, and visiting interesting places.

The sun-Mercury conjunction in intelligent Capricorn on the tenth reminds you to use rationality and reasoning to the best of your ability. As a Twin, you can sometimes go off on tangents, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have excellent mental capabilities. Showing off your mature, responsible side during a meeting or important conversation reminds everyone of your impressive communication skills.

Communicative Mercury enters diverse Aquarius on January 16, providing interesting opportunities to explore your intellectual side. Your thinking and ability to communicate effectively are amplified, making this an excellent time to interact with others and improve your social standing. You won’t connect with everyone, but you can do some great networking.

Loving Venus forms a square to powerful Mars on the twenty-sixth, increasing your frustration with a romantic situation. If the tension between you and a current or hopeful partner has been building, you can expect it to explode at some point during this transit. Don’t let yourself lose control.