Gemini | Horoscope Expert


May 21 – Jun 20

All that peace, quiet, and privacy was nice while it lasted and while you needed it, but you're on a different page now. You're ready for some excitement, and you really won't care how late you have to stay up to get it. It's a good thing you're well rested, because you'll definitely connect with at least one person who can help you find what you're after: adrenaline.

The obstacle that plops down in your path on Monday may shake you up a bit, but stay the course. Focus. You knew there would be obstacles, but they're just part of the fun. Tuesday surrounds you with talkative people, but all you feel like doing is standing back and listening. By Wednesday, though, you're ready to join in on the conversations. Thursday and Friday find you feeling better and more ready for the future than you've been in a while. (Also, someone's clearly head over heels for you, which is fun and flattering.) This weekend, be thrifty.

The sun is in fellow air sign Aquarius, putting some very interesting ideas into your head. There aren’t too many things you won’t consider now, and you love to spend your downtime experimenting and coming up with innovative new products and concepts. You get along best with other air signs who are willing to play the “what if” game with you.

Making major decisions during the Mercury-Mars square on February 10 isn’t the best idea because you tend to jump to incorrect conclusions and make wrong assumptions now. It’s possible that most of your mistakes can be corrected if you slow down and pay more attention to what you’re doing rather than what you want to be doing ten minutes from now.

A Mercury-Jupiter conjunction on the fourteenth puts you in a happier frame of mind, and this is one of your luckiest days of the month. Which areas of your life can benefit the most from good fortune smiling on them? Focus your attention on those.

A Virgo full moon on February 27 shows you how much work there is to do, but it also infuses you with the energy to get the job done, or should we say “jobs”? Try not to get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of what’s on your to-do list. You can accomplish it all with a positive attitude (and maybe a few more cups of coffee than usual).