Gemini | Horoscope Expert


May 21 – Jun 20

You've always been drawn to strong, fiery people – the kind who make exciting company simply because you're never quite sure what they might say or do next. Just that type – your type – could be along shortly. But if you don't give yourself some time off from that caretaking job you've taken on, you'll never know. At least give yourself a couple of evenings off. Start with tonight and deck yourself out in your very best.

You're at once focused on the future and utterly unable to concentrate on Monday. How weird! There may just be too many factors on the table. A clarifying conversation on Tuesday or Wednesday sets you on much better footing. That said, there are obstacles in store for you this week. Don't avoid them. Embrace them. Let life be a game. The obstacle on Thursday may be a business matter, and the obstacle on Friday may take the form of a nosy neighbor. This weekend, the people in your life are, blissfully, nothing but wonderful, and there's a lot going on, including movement on the romance front.

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