Leo | Horoscope Expert


Jul 23 – Aug 22

Stand tall against whatever—or whoever—intimidates you today. That hipster barista is no cooler than you, your boss isn't any smarter than you, and public speaking is no sweat if you picture them in their skivvies. Self-empowerment is easier than you think. All you have to do is learn more about what you fear. Strike up a conversation and practice, practice, practice! You're part of the human tribe today, embrace it!

You’ll be feeling especially generous and warm-hearted on September 16 when the emotional moon in your ninth house of adventure forms a harmonious trine to lucky Jupiter in your fifth house of romance. Take advantage by going with the flow instead of making stringent plans, opening up your heart to loved ones, reveling in their company, and maybe even showering them in small, thoughtful—or even extravagant—gifts. This vibrant, passionate moment was made for you.

Then, on September 18, the emotional moon in your tenth house of career forms a positive angle to go-getter Mars in your second house of income, shoring up your confidence around major undertakings on the job. If you want to make a play for a raise, more responsibility, or an exciting new gig, simply asserting yourself should to a win.

Keep an open mind during the Mercury-Uranus trine on September 1, Leo. You can have some very interesting, mind-expanding experiences if you’re willing to leave your inhibitions and preconceived notions behind.

You have a lot of impulsive energy to deal with during the Mars-Jupiter square on the twelfth, but you can do some incredible things with it if you can find a way to harness it. The worst thing you can do now is react to other people’s taunting. Stay in control to conquer your haters.

It’s easier for you to take a nonthreatening approach to challenges during the Mars-Pluto trine on September 19, and don’t be surprised if someone of important notices your efforts. Take a cooperative approach to problem solving makes you a great team player and leader.

The powerful sun joins Mercury and Venus already in Libra on the twenty-third, shining a light on the relationships in your life. You strive to be the peacemaker now and will compromise more readily than usual. Making decisions can be challenging when you aim to make everyone happy, but that’s what compromises are for.