Leo | Horoscope Expert


Jul 23 – Aug 22

The unexpected mix of people surrounding you today will create a good combination of energy. Little ideas that are bandied about in the morning will simmer in the back of your mind, and turn into bigger ideas as the day unfolds. It looks as if some projects you gave up on will finally get a chance to happen after all! Grab some free time in the afternoon to lay the groundwork, begin your initial research and make solid plans for action.

A nice-to-meet-you attitude on Monday and Tuesday is the way to go. Prepare to shake hands with someone who, in the course of a casual conversation, will change your opinion of something. On Wednesday, you won't see anyone except the people you work with, and on Thursday you won't have much room for thoughts except those related to work. But Friday is a total mixed bag: Celebrities, the law, your boss, your ego – all of these things may figure in. The weekend, conversely, is about none of those things. The weekend is about friends, dreams, and hopes.

The new Aries moon on April 5 is an excellent incentive to get responsibilities out of the way first thing this month. You aren’t into setting long-term goals now, but if there’s something in front of you that needs to be finished, you’re on it.

Expansive Jupiter goes retrograde on the tenth, giving you time to pause and reflect on your recent luck. How much of what’s happened is fate, and how much is the result of your efforts?

An extremely optimistic sun-Jupiter trine opens your mind to the possibilities on April 14, and you might have some very exciting travel options. Even though you’re still only in the planning stages, this could be a very exciting journey.

The sun enters beauty-loving Taurus on the twentieth, so you notice the pretty things and people surrounding you. Your eye is drawn to the most attractive person in the room or the most expensive object in the store. There’s always a way to get what you want.

Hardworking Saturn goes retrograde on April 29, so it might be more difficult to get things crossed off your to-do list. Your worst habit now is starting things and not finishing them. If you need help, feel free to delegate.