Leo | Horoscope Expert


Jul 23 – Aug 22

Your mind wanders right now. It drifts to the past to rehash some old, painful stuff. Then it meanders to the future where it churns events yet unfulfilled. Life's going on right here in this moment. Stop living in the extremes of time you have no control over.

Your ego may get in the way of your love life somewhat as the week begins, but you can counteract that possibility by keeping your feelings at the forefront and not trying to cover up anything – no matter how embarrassing it may be. Things get so much better on Tuesday that you forget all about it, and you may have several days of deepening romance and good times ahead. Kick back and enjoy it! You need to help out your partner with their big-picture needs this weekend, or head out and volunteer if you're single and want to meet new folks.

On January 2, what can the expansive Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in determined Capricorn do for your love life? Plenty, Leo. You’re feeling good about your past choices and future options, and you aren’t afraid to express how lucky you feel. When you put your wishes out into the universe, the universe has a way of fulfilling them.

The moon moves into your outgoing sign on the eleventh, so you won’t have a problem meeting new people or expressing your feelings to your partner. You like a lot of the attention to be on you now, however, which might cause problems if you’re with someone who has a strong ego. Try not to battle for the spotlight!

An ambitious sun-Pluto conjunction in strong earth sign Capricorn on January 13 reminds you that even if things are going well, you have a long way to go. Keep putting in the work, Leo, because it will pay off eventually.

The new moon in perceptive Aquarius on the twenty-fourth helps you realize something you didn’t even think about before, which could change your whole perspective. Now that you can see things from this vantage point, are you ready to make some changes? Even if your love life is in a good place, it can benefit from some spontaneity now.