Leo | Horoscope Expert


Jul 23 – Aug 22

Quick! Think of your most well-connected friend, the one whose phone has a thousand numbers. Give them a call, and ask who in their vast collection is lucky enough to deserve an introduction to you. They may tease you, but they'll also be happy to do it.

Objectivity's out and intuition is in on Monday, so forget the facts and listen to your heart. Informed by your instincts and spurred by the stars, you can have your way in the realm of romance from Tuesday through Thursday. Let others play it safe. You're extraordinary now, and everybody knows it. You'll want to think things over and relax on Friday and Saturday. Give out some rain checks and feel virtuous that you're not burning the candle at both ends. Sunday's stellar for communication.

The moon is full in practical Capricorn on July 4, and the coinciding lunar eclipse urges you to bring more structure and discipline to your love life. If things have been all fun and games lately, this could be a rude awakening. By the time this lunation ends, it’s time to get serious about love-related goals.

A welcome time of healing arrives with the Chiron retrograde period starting on the eleventh, especially as you use the accompanying potent Aries energy to get fired up about protecting yourself from any further pain. It’s a very powerful feeling to realize you’re in control of your own redemption story, Leo.

The new moon in compassionate Cancer on July 20 encourages you to consider someone else’s feelings more than your own. Family and home issues are strong now, and a relative or something about your housing situation could be hindering your love prospects. If you’re in a position to make changes, do so now.

The sun enters your sign on the twenty-second, welcoming in a month of joy and romance. Short-term flirtations are part of the energy of this transit, as are short-lived emotional affairs. Resist the urge to be as selfish as you feel like being. Your love is amazing, but your ego sometimes stands in the way of giving it freely and unconditionally.