Leo | Horoscope Expert


Jul 23 – Aug 22

The shortest distance between two hearts is a direct sentence. Could it be that you've been involved with so many game players that you've forgotten the delicious appeal of the straightforward and direct?

Watch your sass on Monday and Tuesday, because someone you really need to be clear with might misinterpret it. If they think you're full of yourself, you'll have to correct the issue quickly. Don't let it get that far if you can. Your friends are key to your successful romantic adventures midweek. It could be that they're setting you up, or maybe they've just got good advice about where you should go. Your even temper makes the weekend smooth and easy to navigate, though your date or partner may be more volatile than usual.

It’s possible that the sun-Neptune square on December 8 will bring confusion, so try to avoid making any major romantic decisions now. Disappointment could also be on the horizon during this transit, ending a hope you had about a certain person or situation. Acceptance is difficult, but sometimes it’s your only option.

The full moon in logical Gemini on the eleventh helps you look at things from a new perspective, and your love life might not seem as bleak as it did earlier in the month. A sense of restlessness is also in the air, though, which could cause you to do certain things you otherwise wouldn’t.

Romantic Venus pairs up with platonic Aquarius on December 20, leading you to wonder if you’ve been permanently relegated to the friend zone. Both single and attached Lions take a major hit to their ego when they misinterpret someone else’s feelings during this transit.

Mercury, the great communicator, enters Capricorn, the practical earth sign, on the twenty-eighth, making you a little less flirty and a lot more serious. Conversations have more purpose now. Single Lions might have a hard time making small talk on a first date, while attached Leos struggle to find what their partners say interesting.