Leo | Horoscope Expert


Jul 23 – Aug 22

You can have a great time doing almost anything today, even chores that are usually boring. Rather than wallowing in boredom, invite a few friends to run errands with you. You never what might happen!

Taking a closer, deeper look at a certain romantic situation on Monday is a very good idea, and your instinct will definitely have something to say about what you see. Clear your mind and listen to it. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday bring rampant opportunities in the love department – for sweet stuff, for positive change, for fiery-hot moments and more. Feel out your options – literally, even. As for the weekend, you may be charged up, but listen up too. That way what you do can be electrifying rather than just shocking.

The stressful opposition between chatty Mercury in your spontaneous sign and ambitious Saturn in rebellious Aquarius on August 1 gets your month off to a shaky start. You know that little voice inside your head that tries to stop you from saying dumb stuff when you’re with your crush or partner? Yeah, that one. Try to listen to it a little bit harder during this challenging aspect!

You have a new moon in your fun-loving sign to look forward to on the eighth, so if you have any dates or romantic activities planned around that time, be sure to make them as casual and easygoing as possible. The more spontaneous romantic moments are definitely the better ones!

The sun leaves your sign after its monthlong journey on August 22, and your love life might feel some growing pains as you get used to the more practical, responsible energy of earth sign Virgo. Like most Leos, you never really want the fun to stop, which can be a problem if you’re in a serious long-term relationship (or trying to get into one). You’ll get it together, but it might not be as soon as someone would like.