Leo | Horoscope Expert


Jul 23 – Aug 22

Exploring why someone thinks or feels the way they do is far more interesting (and revealing) than just endlessly arguing your point of view. Get to know them for real, on their terms, instead of making it all about you.

Your stubborn side comes out on Monday and Tuesday. You're wrapped up in the situation, which makes sense (after all, you really like each other), but make sure you don't say or do something arrogant. Who wants that? Wednesday and Thursday are much easier going – that same stubbornness that was driving you-know-who insane might inspire their admiration in a different context – and Friday through Sunday, you spend a lot of time talking about how much you enjoy being around each other, even when you're driving each other nuts. Hilarious.

It’s time to transform your love life when dwarf planet Pluto moves direct in steady Capricorn on October 3. Even if you’re satisfied with your life the way it already is, Leo, there’s always more you can do. Deep down you know which direction you’d like to go, so why not go where your heart is leading you?

Control issues come to the surface during the sun-Pluto square on the fourteenth, and your ego might get in the way of overcoming related problems. Is it really that important to be the one who calls the shots?

The sun moves into passionate Scorpio on October 23, bringing out intense feelings like jealousy, anger, and obsession. You might also want to pry into romantic business that isn’t your own, but snooping into other people’s love lives won’t be beneficial, Leo. Don’t give a friend any advice unless they ask for it.

A frustrating Mars-Saturn square on the twenty-seventh can cause tempers to flare, which makes a date with your partner or someone new kind of tense. Can you do anything to salvage it, or would it be best just to call it quits and try another time? It’s up to you to make the call.