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Jul 23 – Aug 22

Romance is awesome, but your best friends are where it's at for you right now. Say hi and ask how they're doing. If you've got a date tonight, the friends-first technique is best – less pressure, more good energy!

Warning: The start of the week may contain a romantic challenge. Rise to meet it by laying low – a wait-and-see approach works best. A friend wants to have their say about your love life between Tuesday and Thursday; take time during the general party atmosphere for a little tete-a-tete. Their perspective will likely make a ton of sense. You're warm and cuddly on Friday and Saturday, and might even want a little coddling. Set up some you-appreciation time with a sweetie or friends. Sunday's the most romantic, burning-hottest day all week – and there's more to come. Plan accordingly!

You start your month with a divided opposition between your ruler, the sun, and karmic retrograde Jupiter on May 8. A lot can go right during this transit, but it never benefits you to brag about your romantic conquests. You aren’t known for your ability to stay quiet about your own accomplishments, but right now it serves you well to kiss and not tell.

The sun forms an intense trine with retrograde Pluto on the eleventh, and you’re very focused on uncovering details about your current partner or someone new. The more information you discover, the more power you yield, but it’s never a good idea to hold anything over someone’s head or make a person feel uncomfortable with what you know. Power struggles have negative outcomes, as does playing mind games.

The sun moves into agile, logical Gemini on May 20, and you have vast and varied romantic interests. Gemini symbolizes the fickle Twins, so your partner or a potential love interest isn’t sure how they’ll be treated from one minute to the next. When people are in your orbit, you’re charming, friendly, and focused, but once you leave their side, you’re nearly impossible to pin down.