Leo | Horoscope Expert


Jul 23 – Aug 22

Your self-confidence comes in handy today as those around you seem to doubt themselves. You can see through the fog and bring others with you. It's a great time to impress the right person!

On Monday and Tuesday, you might find that pride comes with too high of a price. Don't be afraid to back down just this once – after all, ego battles are not attractive, and showing off can sometimes spoil the mood. Toward the middle of the week (and on through Friday afternoon), you can expect to have the most fun in big groups, and don't be surprised when all that gregarious socializing leads to quieter connections later. On Friday night and the weekend, think deeply. Your instincts are unusually accurate right now, and others are more likely to go along with your wise proclamations.

The new Capricorn moon on January 5 emphasizes responsibility and gives your love life some accountability. Are you up to the task? Show someone how much you care through real-life actions, not empty words.

The difficult square between talkative Mercury and driven Mars on the eighth could cause a breakdown in communication if you aren’t tactful. You don’t want to be the one who always insists on having the last word, do you?

The Venus-Mars trine on January 18 is a great trine for dating because of your increased attractiveness and charisma. Are you already in a relationship? Plan a special night that you and your partner won’t soon forget. And no need to rush things. Let the sexual tension build!

There’s a full moon in your sign plus a lunar eclipse on the twentieth that really bring the drama! You love a good soap opera moment, but this could be more than even you are ready to handle. Hang on, Leo, because this could be a bumpy ride!

The sun-Mercury conjunction on January 29 brings an optimistic energy that affects how you feel about a current or potential relationship. There will be obstacles to overcome, as always, but you see a lot of great potential. There are happy days ahead!