Leo | Horoscope Expert


Jul 23 – Aug 22

There are a million reasons why that hottie hasn't replied to your message. You could easily take something like this much too personally today. Remember that love works in mysterious ways!

You are radiant on Monday. It's no wonder you're turning heads. Your magnificence is powerful, and as the week ensues you'd be wise to figure out what this power can help you accomplish. Tuesday and Wednesday are strategy-planning days; although no strategy can explain how great Thursday and Friday will be for you. Romance to spare! Dates two nights in a row! Can your heart handle this? Will your lips get tired from so much kissing? This weekend, you'll spend almost all your time in your head figuring out what all this means, and very little in the outside world.

Lucky Jupiter retrograde forms a trine with the beaming sun on July 5, presenting your world with some fabulous new possibilities. It isn’t that there’s anything wrong with where your love life is now, but everyone can use a little more magic in their life from time to time.

Fun moments are followed by some potentially bad (or at the very least unexpected) news from the opposition between the sun and Pluto retrograde on the twelfth, but you’re in a pretty good position to deal with whatever it is. You have a sense of optimism that should carry you through the more difficult times you’ll face this July.

The sun travels through your happy sign starting on July 22, and for the next month you enjoy being the center of attention. Any current or potential partner should be fully aware of your attraction to the spotlight and need to be the focus of most of the drama happening around you.

A sun-Uranus square on the twenty-fifth brings tension and stress, and you have a hard time not taking your anger and/or frustration out on the people around you. It’s a good thing you’re as charming as you are most of the time, Leo, because right now you can be pretty hard to be around.