Leo | Horoscope Expert


Jul 23 – Aug 22

There's no fuel quite like enthusiasm and you've got plenty to burn. You know just what you want and can't rest until you get it. You can hardly slow down enough to help someone else get where they want to be. Hardly is not the same as impossible so put on the brakes for a friend.

The first half of the week is a trip – vanity, celebrity, power and egotism are all in play. You feel like you're in Hollywood circa 1930. The cast of characters that surrounds you is entertaining, surely, but you're hesitant about becoming too embroiled. This is just your job, after all. In the interest of your career, don't be stubborn, and try not to get stuck in the politics of any of it. During the second half of the week, a sense of normalcy is restored, so you can let down your guard and be yourself. Brainstorming, friends and teamwork figure strongly on Thursday and Friday.

You seed your future with July’s responses. July 1 begins the Mars transit of Leo that happens once every two and one-half years. With the next day’s solar eclipse heightening insight, think back. What happened when you were too forceful at the beginning? Did things work to your advantage or not? Might you want to change that last approach (just saying).

On the third, Cancer Venus wears her money hat, if you want fortunate and tangible things upon which to build.

July 4 is a lucky day to search, send out resumes, and pencil-in meeting dates.

As the sun opposes wise Saturn on the ninth, be alert for small hints that herald turnarounds in situations. The next day’s solar trine with Neptune can help dissolve barriers.

Daring Leo Mars squaring Uranus on July 11 asks why fight alone when cooperation is the best move?

On the sixteenth, rely on your enhanced good instincts after the Capricorn lunar eclipse.

On July 22, the Leo sun says, “Birthday soon!” Set goals for the year ahead.

Action hero Mars trines lucky Jupiter on the twenty-fifth, and the aspect is a moneymaker for the next four days. On July 27, lucky you with Venus in Leo!

The month’s last day is lucky with a fortunate new moon. Lay the groundwork. Signs point to big changes next month.